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Placitas horse issue proving divisive 

wild horses of Placitas

Humans encroaching on wild / feral horses is an issue that is becoming far more common as we keep spreading our neighborhoods into areas that were once considered too remote. Any mediator hired to resolve these issues should know what they are getting themselves into – there will be those who value property rights alone, those who feel the horses were there first and the majority who want a compromise somewhere in between. Fortunately in this case no one wants horse slaughter. Notice how the BLM is NOT involved? I suppose we should be thankful considering the Bureau of Land Management’s historic method of handling “overpopulation”. ~ HfH

From: Albuquerque Journal
By: Rosalie Rayburn

wild horses of Placitas NM

Free roaming horses in Placitas. Sandoval County hired an independent organization to work with a task force to find ways to deal with the growing population of unclaimed horses

Finding a workable solution to the thorny issue of free-roaming horses in Placitas has proved a tough nut to crack, even for an organization that specializes in consensus building.

Sandoval County leaders in September awarded New Mexico First – whose website says “We bring people together and find common ground” – a $23,500 contract to work with a task force of community members and government representatives to find mutually acceptable ways for dealing with the horses.

Placitas residents have been sharply divided between those who support the horses’ right to roam free and others who claim they damage property and pose a safety risk to local traffic.

Government agencies such as the federal Bureau of Land Management and the state Livestock Board have taken a hands-off approach because no one claims ownership of the horses.

But after the initial meeting in November with the roughly two-dozen-member task force, New Mexico First dropped its planned group information-gathering strategy, amended its county contract and canceled further group meetings. It will instead gather input through individual interviews with task force members.

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