Placerville Woman’s Horse Survives Bizarre Accident (Video)

Placerville horse accidentally slips

Just as you and I can slip on snow and ice, so can our equine friends. Be sure to check on them! ~ HfH
From: CBS Sacramento
By: Anjali Hemphill

placerville2PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – A horse was wedged between two trees after a freak accident left the animal struggling to breathe. Time was running out as his owner considered putting him out of his misery.

When Nike’s owner Kathy Carpenter first discovered him upside down, with his head lodged in between two trees, she wasn’t sure if he would even survive. But thanks to some quick thinking, he did.

“We all can’t believe he’s alive and standing,” said Carpenter.Strangled by two trees, Nike slipped in the snow and ended up stuck in a dangerous situation.

“He had just laid down in his spot to take a little nap, and he turned into a toboggan and slid 63 feet down the hill, hit a group of oak trees, which flung him around and upside down, and he was lodged,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter says she couldn’t believe it, even when she saw it for herself. She can only describe it as a freak accident.

“You couldn’t have had engineers try and plan it,” she said.

Carpenter says it was immediately clear Nike was in trouble. He was struggling for every breath.

“His neck was wedged in a ‘Y.’ It was squeezing so tight and it was cutting off the circulation,” said Carpenter.

Some neighbors, Carpenter’s son and Nike’s vet showed up to help. At first they weren’t sure how to get him free.

“It’s like ‘oh my gosh, we got to put him down. We got to put him out of his misery.’ There was just no way we could maneuver a big animal out of the tight position he was in,” said Carpenter.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Nancy Albin

    Wow that is wild!! I hope he has a full recovery <3

    December 23, 2013
  • Robyn

    PHEW!! Wow close call…so glad he made it..

    December 24, 2013