Welcome to Habitat For Horses!|Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pictures of ranch life at a horse rescue 

Habitat for Horses baby donkey

It takes a great deal of love and hands on work to bring abused and neglected horses back to health and made ready for new loving homes. We are fortunate to have great workers and volunteers – including Cowboy Poet Smokey Culver, out at our rehabilitation center. Beyond the hands on work he does, Smokey has taken some great pictures. Remember its not just those of us who work here that keep our doors open… it is only possible through the support you give. Without your donations, these horses would still be abused or sent to slaughter. Anytime you donate, you join the effort to stop horse abuse, to help bring an end to horse slaughter. The joy in Asia’s eyes when Smokey finally coaxes her to eat a carrot would never happen.

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Pictures of Habitat for Horses by Smokey Culver


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Our Spring 2015 Fundraiser Campaign is going on! Support Habitat for Horses and perhaps win the chance to give a new name to one of our rescues to start their new life with!
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Help Willie Nelson win a People’s Telly Award for his video The Love of Horses and promote the good works of Habitat for Horses.
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