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Photo Contest Winner Donates Feed 


June 25, 2013

winnerThis morning I received the following note from Liza, the final winner of the Habitat for Horses Photo Contest:

“Thank you so much Habitat for Horses for this wonderful contest. I am donating all the feed to Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue, where I got Light The Night from. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and all the others in the contest, your pictures were beautiful.”

With supporters like Liza, it’s little wonder that Pure Thoughts continues to grow strong. Many people don’t realize the daily demands of a working and effective equine rescue facility. Liza obviously does, and her donation of the prize, 1,000 pounds of Purina Feed, is going directly to the horses at the rescue. Just as her horse, Light The Night, rebounded to health and found a loving home, perhaps this will help several others in the same way.

A few people have asked, “Why would Habitat for Horses support other rescues?” The answer is simply – I’ve never heard a horse say that it wanted to be saved by a certain rescue organization. To a horse in trouble, it really makes no difference. With the exception of a few, equine rescue organizations across the country strive for the same goal, to bring an endangered equine ( horses, mules and donkeys) to a place of safety, to rehabilitate, retrain and to place them in the hands of those who will love and respect them and can properly care for their needs.

Almost every equine rescue I know struggles daily with the seemingly endless flow of dollars, carefully balancing donor support with the need for feed, hay, fuel, insurance, construction, maintenance, vets, farriers, dentist, medications and a hundred other must have items. The end result is what we all live for – to see the once endangered equine, now healthy and renewed, load up in a trailer and head off to a new life.

That’s exactly what happened when Pure Thoughts adopted “Light The Night” to Liza. A deep and heartfelt thanks from Habitat for Horses to Pure Thoughts, and to every equine rescue organization across the nation. Keep up the good work, guys. The horses need all of us.

Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue is located close to West Palm Beach in Florida.


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