Pasture Pals – a poem by Smokey Culver


Many of you who follow us on Facebook or who come out to our ranches in Southeast Texas will know Smokey Culver – the resident HfH cowboy horse poet. He has graced us with a beautiful poem. The horses shown in the picture below are Dusty and Hammerhead (who you may recognize from a previous post). Dusty is a horse given full sanctuary here at Habitat for Horses. Hammerhead recently went on to the Rainbow Bridge after a valiant struggle to overcome abuse. For a time, he was able to enjoy a life free from abuse with his pasture pal Dusty.

Many of you will recognize your own “pasture pals” in these words. If your Texas horse recently lost their friend or is need of a new buddy, Habitat for Horses has a perfect friend for your equine pal. View them here:

Pasture Pals by Smokey Culver

Ya know, it’s really something, that connection that they have
    they never seem to stray too far apart
They spend each day together, you see one you them both
   and I guess pasture pals is what they are

I wonder what they’re thinking and if they communicate
   when they spend every moment side by side
And one gets so upset when he gets left behind because
   his buddy has been taken for a ride

This seems to be a friendship with unspoken dialog
   two horses share their feelings in their way
Like folks who spend an evening, dinner, wine and candle light
   they have their time together munching hay

I wonder if they gossip ’bout the others in the herd
   or laugh on frosty mornings when they run
I wonder if they like the winter blankets that they wear
   or gripe about the hot South Texas sun

I guess I’ll never know just what goes on between those two
   no, all that I can do is speculate
And if they’re talkin’ ’bout me, well I hope their words are kind
   these pasture pals are really pretty great…

Pasture Pals

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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