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25 miles of washboard road to the highway

25 miles of washboard road to the highway

After a negotiated agreement was reached last week with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, two of our folks took off to Big Bend

State Park, just a few miles north of Presidio, Texas. Fifteen hours later they pulled up to the main building and checked in, met a great bunch of very helpful folks, slept in the bunkhouse, had a big breakfast, loaded the horses and headed home, 700 miles away.

Big Bend State Park Headquarters

Big Bend State Park Headquarters

The horses and crew spent the night at the local fairgrounds in Sonora, Texas to give them a chance to rest. They left at 4am, arrived back at the ranch about 1 this afternoon. All five of the horses are in excellent health with a body score of between 4-5. Two of them are not halter broken and pretty wild, the other three are perfect.

While there is an obvious disagreement about the method used to dispose of the first eleven horses, I’m very thankful that these five are safe and will continue to live productive lives. The officials in Austin made the decision to turn these horses over to Habitat for Horses rather than try to make a few bucks off them with a killer-buyer, which rates as a win for them, for us and mainly for the horses.

Back home, Thom looks over the horsesOur two guys that made the trip, Thom and Kevin, both deserve a well needed rest and a thank you. That was a long, hot trip, but made all the better by the folks both at the Park and in Austin.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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