Pam McKissick Uncovers the Truth About Horse Slaughter

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“Pam McKissick Without Reserve: Horse Slaughter” Radio Show to Air Locally in OKC on KOKC 1520-AM and in Tulsa on KTSO 94.1-FM This Sunday, March 17


(Note – This will be one of the BEST hours on internet radio! To listen on the internet – CLICK HERE this Sunday – Jerry)

Art2TULSA, OK, Mar 14, 2013 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Oklahoma House Bill 1999 and Senate Bill 375 allow USDA inspection of horsemeat… which means the horse slaughter industry can now do business in Oklahoma and horsemeat will be shipped to foreign countries for human consumption. Is that a good idea? The legislators say yes and 80 percent of the voting public say no. So how did these bills get passed? These questions and many more will be answered when “Pam McKissick Without Reserve: Horse Slaughter” airs locally this Sunday, March 17 on Oklahoma City’s KOKC 1520-AM at 9:00 a.m. and Tulsa’s KTSO 94.1-FM at 6:30 a.m. The one-hour show will also stream online at It is available free of charge to radio stations across the country through the Public Radio Exchange (

A third-generation Oklahoman, business leader, horse owner, rancher and veteran radio personality, Pam McKissick will host a thought-provoking one-hour show and will be joined by three of the most knowledgeable people on the topic who will share their insights and first-hand experiences. Her guests include Vickery Echoff, a U.S. journalist who has published 15 in-depth exposes on the horsemeat trade for Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and The Huffington Post; Mayor Paula Bacon of Kaufman, Texas who actually had the horse slaughter industry in her town along with pollution, crime and economic decline; and she’ll talk to Stephanie Graham one of the more informed horse advocates on what’s behind the rush to slaughter.

Pam and her three guests will give voice to “the other side” and will cover horsemeat in our food supply, life in a horse slaughter town in Texas and why Oklahoma legislature is putting a humane spin on an inhumane industry.

Do you live in Oklahoma?

How to Help

Not sure who your legislator is and have yet to contact them? Click on this link, plug in your address and you will be given your State House Representative and State Senator. Call AND email to urge them to turn this around and vote NO on HB1999 and SB375.

Contact Your Oklahoma Legislators          Email Governor Mary Fallin

To contact the Governor via phone and fax

Local: (405) 521-2342 (press 1 to reach her Secretary)               Fax: (405) 521-3353



AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • Ranching Cowgirl

    I am visiting OKLAHOMA right now as I post this. I use to like this state.
    Now the first thing you notice as you drive around Oklahoma state is the trash and litter.
    No matter where you drive across this state it is TRASHY litter every place along every single road. The state looks like a dump!
    Now after seeing a large part of the state; I am not surprised that they would allow the killing of horses/pets. They don’t even care about their state enough to pick up the trash and litter.

    March 15, 2013
  • Linda Jackson

    Soylent Green is People!: a 1973 SF film concerns a population (suffering from pollution, overpopulation, poverty, depleted resources, dying oceans and hot climate due to the green house effect) that survives on “processed food.” Based on the 1966 SF novel, Make Room! Make Room!, depicts a dystopian future of 2022. The solutions are to be found in the symptoms…not eating horses.

    March 15, 2013