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Opinion: This isn’t a joke, America 

A rant and rave by Jerry Finch

images-17More horsemeat found in beef products, more bute found in horsemeat, more graft and corruption, more “scientists” saying, “Oh, it’s okay. The drugs are harmless.” Ever wonder why people fight against regulations? Perhaps it’s because they can’t get away with the things they do to put more money in their pockets, even if it places other people’s life at risk. Democracy and self-government, to be fully functional, must have a population that governs itself with a high set of standards. When we see our government officials fall into the trap of corruption and self-interest, it’s little wonder that the general population follows the same path.

The food industry in the EU brought all this on themselves. No one was blindfolded. No one, “Just didn’t know.”  You don’t operate a multi-million dollar food supply company without knowing what is in the food you produce. The bottom line is that they have all been caught with their pants down and the big cover-up has become the big lie.

It isn’t a joke, America. Corruption in the food industry is killing us. Junk food, diseased meat products, beef filled with so many chemicals that other nations won’t touch it,  E. Coli contaminated vegetables, sugar filled and addicting snacks, cancer causing tobacco – all done for the profit of a few who truly believe they can get away with it. And they are right. Remember the tobacco industry testifying in front of a Congressional Committee? “There is no scientific indication that tobacco is linked to lung cancer.”

Killing horses for fun and profit against the will of the majority of the US population is a primary sign that this country has a serious problem. The BLM is completely out of control and doesn’t even fake answering questions posed by a few honest Senators and Representatives. And don’t get me started on the general meat industry – so corrupt and violent that they don’t want anyone to even look at them, thus they pass ag-gag bills.

Through this website, I try to bring you the news that is important to all those who care about their horses, to support those who fight our battles in Congress and to expose those who want to destroy what we love. When the horsemeat stories broke in January, the news popped fast, then came the NM and OK slaughterhouse proposals and all the shining examples of the worst of legislatures. Hidden in all that were a few shining stories, but the horror and stupidity instantly over-shadowed them.

Horsemeat eating small town slob that became a spokeswoman for the slaughter industry, brainless macho man shooting a horse to prove a point, Tom Davis walking away because law enforcement “forgot to file charges,” Governor signs slaughter bill… It gets to the point sometimes where I look at these stories in utter disbelief and all I can do is say, “Really? Seriously?”

That the power structure in the supposed “free” world gets away with this and expects the general population to forget about it is unbelievable, yet they continue, and we do let it go and move on. Sandy Hook is old news, the legislators in Oklahoma will be reelected, the passage of horsemeat through the Port of Houston, which is against the Texas law, will be forgotten, a few people will be thrown in jail, but the main players will keep on doing what they always did.

Unless… dare I ask…did YOU call in support of the SAFE Act? Did you bother to fill out the online form just to let Washington know your thoughts?  If you agree with anything I’ve said, but you didn’t bother to pick up the phone or go to a website to respond and show your support, then we both know what the problem really is. Pretending to be angry and upset doesn’t do anyone any good unless you’re willing to voice your opinion to those who have the ability to do something about it. You can make comments all day long on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean anything. What means something is for you to pick up the phone, call Washington DC, and let them know exactly how you feel. Or at least fill out an online form. Ten minutes, max. You spent that long reading this article.

Harmful painkillers found in food products with horse DNA

Portugal’s leading consumer rights association has found traces of anti-inflammatory drugs in the horsemeat found in processed food products that were on sale in Portugal, indicating a potential risk to public health, the group said in a statement on Thursday.

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EU countries have issued more than 50 alerts related to meat contamination

Asda corned beef recalled over bute

Asda is recalling all corned beef from its budget range after traces of veterinary drug phenylbutazone were found in some batches.

Chief medical officer: ‘Bute’ poses ‘very low’ risk

Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies has previously said that ‘bute’ poses only a very low risk to humans. She said:

Have you had enough yet, America? You are the answer. Stand up. Make the call.