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NM Slaughterhouse Whines about Obama 

June 6, 2013

"I think this is the captivating volt, or something like that."

“I think this is the captivating volt, or something like that.”

Participating in the new America pastime, the attorneys for Valley Meat Company started waving the “Blame Obama” flag today. After crying, holding their breath and stomping their feet, the argument that it is all Obama’s fault seems like the best method, certain to draw attention away from such piddle-poop problems such as the Oklahoma tornados, the war in Syria, the struggling economic recovery and 10 year old girls wanting a lung transplant. I mean, after all, we’re talking about real men wanting to kill horses and being hindered by the likes of the USDA. Gad, what is the world coming to!

In order to assist you, the public, in understanding the magnitude of this problem, I ask you to read, “Horse slaughterhouse accuses USDA of IRS tactics.” Within that article, you will be exposed to facts as only the pro-slaughter element can present, such as, “Should somebody be looking into whether or not there is direction from the White House to use/abuse USDA/EPA authority with regard to Valley Meat because they are on the other side of a political issue from the president?”

Shocking. Horse slaughter is an ultra-conservative activity? I truly had no idea. We need to get a

Ultra-conservative employee wants to get back to his ultra-conservative work.

Ultra-conservative employee wants to get back to his ultra-conservative work.

Congressional Investigation started as soon as possible. I’m sure there are a few Reps hanging around the House that haven’t been appointed to another Congressional Committee to investigate all the other stuff the Obama administration is doing wrong.

This one little statement kinda’ shows what happens when you listen to the horse-killing conservatives – “The issue has divided horse rescue and animal welfare groups, ranchers, politicians and Indian tribes about what is the most humane way to deal with the country’s horse overpopulation and the rising number of neglected and starving horses as the West deals with persistent drought.”

Should I bring it to anyone’s attention that “horse overpopulation and the rising number of neglected and starving horses” is not a fact but part of the pro-slaughter propaganda? Or that the horse slaughter industry is NOT a service, but a profit driven corporation that sells the finished product to EU and Asian companies so they can stuff it into their hot dogs and fish sticks?

Nah, I just can’t do it. The horse slaughter folks are so pure of heart and those that disagree with them are so evil and deceptive that I can’t throw dirt on their picnic. After all, I’m doing my best to give you a fair and balanced analysis.


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