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March 1, 2015(1)
Smokey Culver, the Cowboy Poet, is one of Habitat for Horse’s volunteers and biggest fans. Often on his Facebook page, he talks about the day to day life of a horse rescue. It is hard work to be a volunteer at the ranch but it is fun too! And you get to meet Paco the ... Read More
February 28, 2015(1)
The BLM is getting sloppy. Rather than actually determining the numbers of wild horses in a given area to see if there is excessive population, they are now rounding them up on estimates without factual basis. Or on estimates that are outdated. Of course the state of Wyoming and ...
February 28, 2015(0)
Horses and humans may have something in common here. Changes in diet, activity and stress can lead to ulcers. Like humans, there are preventative measures you can take to help them. According to this article, greater amount of time being allowed to graze in pasture as they naturally would ...
February 27, 2015(3)
Cattle damaging the environment? Anyone with any sense would think that would be a given. As Vickery Eckhoff points out in this article, the media often turns to cattle owners themselves when accessing how much damage is done to the land. It is no wonder that the finger is ...


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