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November 27, 2015(0)
When choosing a sparring partner, it’s a good idea to pick someone from a similar weight class. That’s just what Tara, a foal-sized Stafford, found in Aladdin, a dog-sized miniature horse. In a series of videos by Facebook user Anja Heppener, the adorable duo can be seen nuzzling, racing — even wrestling. Heppener, a stable ... Full article
November 25, 2015(0)
If you find your horse with a severe laceration on his leg and blood pooling on the stall floor, no doubt your heart will immediately skip a beat. As you regain your composure you might begin to wonder: How do I treat this, and where do I start? Chances ...
November 24, 2015(1)
WEYERS CAVE – Julia Liskey was still somewhat awake when she heard the noise in the front pasture of her home in Weyers Cave early Saturday morning. “Some car had gone through our front fence and was trying to get out,” she said. Apparently, a car driving on Fadley ...
November 23, 2015(0)
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