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May 24, 2015(4)
Back on April 29th, we posted an article about Billy – a wonderful older horse. He is so gentle, a big guy who will make a great babysitter or beginning horse. Clare fell in love with Billy and has adopted him. How wonderful for Billy to have found his forever home! Here is Billy with ... Read More
May 23, 2015(1)
Brain and skin tissue come from the same layer of cells. Which means the development of these two things are related. I cannot help but wonder if the same could be true with other animals or humans. Does a widow’s peak really mean something? Very interesting research. ~ HfH ...
May 22, 2015(7)
Debbie Roscoe is a Habitat for Horses supporter who shared with us this beautiful video showing the love of humans and horses – especially for those suffering from illness or disabilities. There is a special bond that forms between us – one that lasts a life time and beyond. ...
May 21, 2015(8)
Kazi came to Habitat for Horses in July 2011. Although he loves being with his pasture pals and makes a wonderful companion horse, Kazi is extremely fearful of humans. We do not know anything about his background to understand why this is the case. He a mature, wonderfully colored ...


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