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April 19, 2014(3)
What opponents to the wild horses and the BLM does not say is how hush-hush they kept this operation. Yes, they posted what they were doing…but quietly. The BLM knew The Cloud Foundation and other organizations are more than willing to take in 41 horses if slaughter was the only alternative. Yet, these organizations were ... Read More
April 19, 2014(1)
With the BLM scandal still reverberating in the news, it is easy to forget that there has not been a resolution to the New York City Carriage Horse troubles. The fact that some of the faction on the side that wants to stop the NYC horse carriages will make ...
April 18, 2014(1)
This is the second part of an article that is being published for the first time on Habitatforhorses.org. You can view Part I here. This is being presented in several parts as it goes into depth on how rescued horses are vital to equine assisted therapy. Habitat for Horses ...
April 18, 2014(5)
From: The Las Vegas Review Journal By: Sherman Frederick Blame needs to placed all the way up to the top. Harry Reid pushed for Kornze to get the position and the nod was given all the way up to the Obama Administration. Talk about bungled! A “free speech” area ...


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