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August 26, 2015(0)
Habitat for Horses 2015 Summer Photo Contest will end on Labor Day, September 4th. Be sure to support saving the lives of abused and starved horses by voting with your donation for your favorite horse picture. Three of these entries will be featured in our 2016 Calendar! It is up to your votes to decide ... Read More
August 24, 2015(4)
A doctoral student’s study of ground meat samples came up with the heartbreaking conclusion there is horse meat in our commercial food sources. Yesterday, we posted on article about this – yet most Americans still do not realize what they are eating. 48 samples were examined – 10 of ...
August 23, 2015(23)
Long suspected but never proven until now, we have confirmation that the meat you are eating is not what you think. Even worse, there is a chance that you just ate horsemeat. Not in Europe, not in Mexico, but right here in the good ol’ USA, horsemeat DNA was ...
August 21, 2015(4)
Our trainers have been working with Buttercup to sharpen up her already great skills. They have used her to help round up horses. She makes fast / tight turns & stops. Buttercup would excel in cutting, team penning, and ranch work – although we have not been able to ...


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