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December 17, 2014(2)
While the best scenario would be to leave the wild horses..wild, an eco-sanctuary is better than some over crowded holding facility as long as it is properly maintained. Of course, it is obvious that is simply another way for cattle ranchers with access to cheap government land leases to get rid of the wild horses ... Read More
December 17, 2014(2)
Only seven more days then it is Christmas Eve. The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care. And little girls …and boys across the country will be going insane when they learn they have received the greatest gift of all. A gift of health. A gift that ...
December 16, 2014(0)
The study of genetics has not just allowed us to determine how we have bred horses to be stronger and faster than their ancestors, it also allows scientists to research better vaccines to keep our four legged friends from getting sick. ~ HfH From: The Horse For an equine ...
December 16, 2014(1)
Any reduction to helicopter round-ups of wild horses would be wonderful. Do we really need to reduce the numbers of wild horses? Also, the long term effects of reproductive vaccines on wild horses is not discussed in this article, but is something that many wild horse advocates would like ...


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