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July 31, 2015(10)
We know many of you have been following this case closely. The appeals process is now over. Herman and Kathleen Hoffman will not have the over 200 horses that were in their care returned to them. 4 of the horses died due to the condition they were in, after they were removed from the Hoffman’s ... Read More
July 30, 2015(0)
This year’s version PAST (Prevent All Soring Tactics) Act has been introduced into the House last Tuesday, July 28th, 2015. Strong opposition by Rep Marsha Blackburn and her supporters has, in the past, prevented the PAST Act from moving forward. Be sure to urge your representatives from both the ...
July 29, 2015(0)
Smokey Culver, our new Volunteer Coordinator, lead a tour of 15 prospective Texas A & M students around the grounds at our Hitchcock Ranch. Some of these young people are interested in becoming our future veterinarians! Smokey told them about what it takes to volunteer and care for the ...
July 28, 2015(3)
For anyone who follows the treatment of horses throughout the United States, the treatment of wild horses is not surprising but still shocking. Now, more than ever, the public needs to be made aware of how these magnificent creatures are treated. ~ HfH From: One Green PLanet The image ...


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