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March 30, 2015(2)
If you are a horse lover and you live in or will be visiting the Columbus, OH area this April 22nd – April 23rd, speak your mind on how the Bureau of Land Management protects America’s wild horses. It is frustrating that they often do not seem to listen. That is why more people need ... Read More
March 29, 2015(5)
Happy Sunday Morning to Ya’ll. It is a gorgeous spring day, the morning chores are done, now it is time to kick back and relax. Take a couple of moments to watch this stunning video. Yes, it is a commercial – but you will not realize it until the ...
March 28, 2015(2)
Glanders is a highly contagious equine disease that causes painful lung ulcers. During World War II was the last time a case naturally occurred in the United States. When a horse or donkey does contract glanders, some of the first symptoms one may notice is a yellowish-green nasal discharge ...
March 27, 2015(0)
Habitat for Horses will be taking part in the ASPCA “Help A Horse” Day with our own Adoption Appreciation Day. We are asking that all adopters and foster families to come out to our Manvel Texas ranch location for an afternoon of horse stories – bring your pictures and ...


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