Welcome to Habitat For Horses!|Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Mexico slaughterhouse employee shoots his pro-slaughter friends 

130322-horse-killing-video-1150a.photoblog500Editorial: Despite his attempt to prove his manhood and expert marksmanship by killing a horse from one inch away, Tim Sappington, former employee of Roswell, NM, Valley Meat, fired a shot that severely injured all his pro-slaughter friends.

His YouTube video has been broadcast around the world and back again a few dozen time, appearing on TV stations, in the newspapers and the latest – on NBC News.com. The anger felt by the “animal activists” that he hoped to intimidate came back full force and struck the pro-slaughter forces between the eyes. Silly Sue, in hoping to show an example of “humane euthanasia,” sent the video to a large number of legislators. No one could have done a better job at placing the horror of horse slaughter before them.

By showing in graphic detail the type of human that supports horse slaughter, Tim has destroyed any hope of gaining support from the general public for the proposed equine slaughterhouse in Roswell, formerly known as the UFO tourist center of the world. I can only hope that the Roswell Chamber of Commerce can get their money back on the horse head costumes they bought to replace the alien monster costumes.

WIth 80% of the American population against horse slaughter, and with the newly acquired awareness of the sociopathic personalities involved in the business, it might be suggested that the money be better spent building mental health facilities.

Politicians, in their self-appointed drive to fatten their wallets and make decisions for slaughterhouses that Americans are against, should perhaps heed the words of one supposed animal activist, “The closer you come, the louder we will get. We aren’t going away.”