Nevada Association of Counties, farm bureau sue feds over wild horse management

Ross Andreson/Elko Daily Free Press file These wild horses stopped to look while being photographed Feb. 8, 2011, off the Bald Mountain Mine Road.

As a comment below the original article states, this piece is full of misinformation given by those wishing to destroy all the wild horses. As to why these organizations want to kill or sell off all the wild horses in Nevada, just look at the associate members list of the Nevada Association of Counties. GE Energy is huge proponent of fracking. Also,the Nevada Farm Federation is a well known Big Cattle tool. Fracking and Big Cattle are pushing hard to take more land that was promised to the horses and burros that live there. The BLM is not the best manager of these lands, but the solution needs to be one that keeps our promise to the Wild Horses not destroy them. Will we allow greed to destroy the West? . ~ HfH

From: Elko Daily Free Press
By: Dylan Woolf

blmlandELKO — Two Nevada groups launched a lawsuit against the federal government, alleging mismanagement of wild horses has led to excessive damage on the land and to animals.

The Nevada Association of Counties and the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation filed suit regarding wild horse management Dec. 30, naming as defendants the U.S. Department of Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, BLM Director Neil Kornze, BLM Assistant Director of Renewable Resources and Planning and BLM State Director Amy Leuders.

The plaintiffs accuse the feds of failing to comply with the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971, which requires the BLM to “protect the natural ecological balance of all wildlife species which inhabit such lands, and to maintain a current inventory of wild free-roaming horses and burros on given areas of the public lands, and to remove excess animals,” the complaint states.

The BLM agrees that wild horses are exceeding the designated appropriate management levels. On its website, the BLM indicates there were more than 20,000 wild horses and burros in the state last fiscal year, but the maximum management level is set at about 12,700.

The BLM conducts horse gathers, in which wild horses are round up and sold for adoption. Horses repeatedly passed over for adoption are sent to ranches to live out their lives. But those long-term facilities are near capacity.

The plaintiffs argue the BLM should “destroy” horses that are deemed unadoptable.

The BLM maintains it will not sell wild horses or burros for slaughter.

In addition to damaging public land and tapping into private water rights, the BLM management practice is “first and foremost” detrimental to horses, according to the lawsuit.

“Free-roaming horse and burro herds in Nevada are frequently observed to be in malnourished condition, with the ribs and skeletal features of individual animals woefully on view and other signs of ill-health readily observable,” court documents state.

The plaintiffs use the word “wild” but clarifies their use of the word, explaining that it’s only for the purpose of being consistent with the law’s verbiage.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Paula Denmon

    Please go to the onesided report and express your opinion of this BSm

    January 11, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    The sad thing is – the one thing that is correct is the fact that the BLM is doing a lousy job of managing the wild horses & burros.
    I hope that this is a desperation play on the part of the horse haters. Seems unusual that they come right out in the open.

    January 11, 2014