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Multi-county probe underway into disappearance of horses 


Horses being purchased by a kill buyer without proof of ownership by the seller? Excuse me …but that is outrageous. The Triple Crown Ranch slaughter horse collecting station in Meeker, OK needs to be held accountable! Let your voice be heard – be sure to comment on this.
~ HfH Webmistress

From: KOCO.com

stolen horsesMEEKER, Okla. —Horses are disappearing from pastures in the Spencer area, and law enforcement officers said there’s reason to believe they’re being stolen, sold and slaughtered.

More than half a dozen reports have been filed with the Spencer Police Department.

Spencer police had no idea why the horses were disappearing until one horse owner turned into a detective. Terry Kellum’s horses, Brown Baby and Precious, are back where they belong, grazing on his Spencer property. Each horse has a microchip in its neck and Kellum said it’s a reminder of how close they came to being gone for good.

“I’m pissed off about the fact that someone stole them just to have them killed,” Kellum said.

Every morning Kellum begins his day with his beloved horses, but last Friday they were nowhere to be found. Kellum found his barbed-wire fence cut.

“I just went looking for them and couldn’t find them and that’s when I called the police,” he said.

After filling a police report, he hit the road.

“Word on the street was there was a slaughterhouse in Meeker and I just went and checked,” Kellum said.

He drove to a facility in Lincoln County and was stunned the moment he arrived.

“As soon as I pulled up, I saw my two horses in the fence. I got out and called Brown Baby and she got up and raced to the fence, and that’s when I said ‘that’s my horse,'” Kellum said.

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