Movie “American Mustang” Starz Film Festival Premiere

American Mustang the Movie

3-D family friendly movie on the plight of America’s wild horses “American Mustang” will be premiering at the Starz Denver Film Festival on November 7th. The story is told through the eyes of a fourteen year old girl, played by Julia Putnam.  For now screenings are very limited, we can hope that this will soon be expanded to across the country. – HfH Webmistress

From: American Mustang the Movie

In an artful blend of exquisite nature documentary and character-driven narrative, the majestic wild horses of the American West are revealed as never before in stereoscopic 3D. The wonder in a girl’s eye pulls us into the drama that unfolds on hundreds of millions of acres of public land. Battle lines have long been carved into the landscape, and the players are deeply entrenched. Yet, as the subtle choreography that has evolved over thousands of years begins, we are captivated. The intricate dance between a man and a wild horse presents lessons for us all, even the battle-hardened special interest groups fighting for the place of the American mustang.
American Mustang the Movie

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • WOOO HOOOO I wish I was in Denver, cant wait to see it !!!!!!The Mustangs mean everything to me, I only want them Free to Roam and live their lives in Peace !!!!!This is what their creator intended !!! This is what shall be !!!!1

    November 7, 2013
  • Wonderful! The timing is perfect, while our American Mustangs are fighting such a terrible battle for their lives. I can’t wait to see this one!!

    November 7, 2013
  • jan

    will this be coming to starz on tv since I subscribe to these channels

    November 9, 2013