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Maite Kropp: Wyoming rodeo should be shut down, 


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From: The Reporter
By: Maite Kropp

Wyoming rodeo should be shut down, participants prosecuted

rodeoIndictments of animal cruelty should be filed against the organizers of the Cheyenne Frontier Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming, its rodeo workers and sponsors, Bank of the West and Coca Cola for the following unacceptable, lawless, cruel and abusive treatment of the animals used in the event. This CFR began July 18 and runs thru the 27th.

The day before the rodeo, cowboys “practice” roping young steers and calves.

Cowboy number 217 while “practicing,” battered a steer mercilessly. The helpless creature was so severely dragged; he could no longer use his legs to stand and was removed by a rodeo vehicle that appeared to be exclusively used for the transportation of wounded animals.

Having such a “designated” vehicle on site reveals the organizers know well in advance that the rodeo animals will be the recipients of ruthless manhandling resulting in injury/death.

Following the abuse of the steer, a calf was dragged quite a distance and was heard crying out in terror and anguish.

Seven men enclosed her with their horses to obscure the view of this innocent creature’s agony while in the back, seven cowboys did the same from the opposite side.

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