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Life-sized wild horse statues built at museum 

Sundre Canada Historical District

First thing you do is let a foreign company build a horse slaughterhouse, then you send all the horses to their death, pocket a bunch of money, build a couple of statues of horses and tell everyone about all the wonderful things horses have done. Sounds perfectly logical, right? How long will it be before these statues are the only reminders our children have of the magnificent animals we destroyed because of the greed of a few? ~ Jerry

From: Sundre Round Up
By: Patricia Riley

Sundre Canada Historical DistrictThe Sundre & District Historical Society is paying homage to the area’s wild horse population through the addition of life-sized statues at the Sundre Museum.

One of the two statues is already standing outside of the main reception building at the museum. The other statue will be completed by the end of July, according to Jack Nichol, president of the society.

The two seal brown fibreglass horses will be reared up on their hind legs and facing each other.

Julian Lee, the ice sculptor from Calgary who has attended the museum’s annual Winterfest celebration for the past few years, is creating the statues.

Both statues are costing the society roughly $15,000. So far, $7,000 has been raised through local donations.

Nichol said the society plans to pay for the statues in full through local donations, and the society is paying the sculptor as they raise the money.

Nichol believes the wild horse statues add an important part of history to the museum.

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