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Let’s Kill Them All: RAC recommends BLM sell excess horses 

Bureau of Land Management

I have about 5 millions words to say about this, but none that horse advocates world-wide are not already saying. An action brought about by welfare cattle barons screaming in the halls of Congress because the horses are drinking water that they think belongs to their cattle and a BLM completely out of control. This is the most disgusting…. well, you finish the sentence. ~ Jerry

From: Elko Daily
By: Dylan Woolf Harris

Bureau of Land ManagementELKO — A federal agency’s advisory board agreed last week to encourage the Bureau of Land Management to gather and sell excess wild horses, as an emergency response to drought.

The recommendation was passed by BLM Nevada’s three resource advisory councils, which meet as a large board once a year to vote on recommendations and management advice. This year, the meeting was held in Elko.

Debbie Lassiter, chair of the Sierra Front Great Basin Northeast RAC, read the proposed resolution, according to a meeting transcript, which asked that “due to drought and the increasing number of wild horses, lack of long term holding, and for the preservation of the range and humanitarian treatment of the horses, the BLM explore all options, including supporting gathers and the unconditional sale of wild horses to promote the goal of the sustainable wild horse population.”

On public land overpopulated by wild horses, BLM practice has been to take a number of those horses and auction them off to the public. Horses repeatedly passed over at auction have been sent to ranches for long-term holding. As the long-term facilities reach capacity, however, the BLM has slowed down horse-gathering operations.

“It’s time to think outside of the box,” Lassiter said at the meeting. “… Gathers do need to happen and this is not the end all solution, but (it’s) an immediate solution, an immediate action.”

Horse advocates believe the BLM’s wild horse roundups, in which horses are herded by a helicopter into a pen, are harmful to the animals, and have characterized long-term holding as warehousing.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign said “unconditional sale” is a euphemistic way of asking the BLM sell horses for slaughter.

“Instead of focusing on slaughter, why don’t we work together on a fertility control program, to humanely manage horses on the range and stop the mass roundup and removal of these iconic animals from our public lands?” Deniz Bolbol, AWHPC spokeswomen, asked in a statement.

Erica Szlosek, BLM’s state communications chief, said the RAC’s vote does not change BLM policy and emphasized that agency policy bars the sale of horses to buyers who intend to slaughter them.

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