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Your First Ride Page 5

proper riding stanceSome horses will try and ignore your commands. Often, riders will not give strong enough aids for their horses, so they will plod along slowly or move in the direction they want to, not the direction you wish to go. Applying your legs more strongly and shortening up the reins will improve your horse's gait.

When you are riding your horse or pony, they should always be “on the bit”. This means that the horse's head is held up but their mouth is held below the level of the rider's hands. In this position, the rider has the best control of the horse. This is an important lesson to learn. Often beginning riders have a hard time maintaining control of the horse's head or the horse may not be properly trained on how to do so.

A very important lesson is to learn to listen to both your instructor and your horse! Their wisdom is vital in teaching you the proper method on how to ride. Future lessons will include how to turn, cantering, trotting, going “full speed” and so much more ...as well as the differences between English and Western Riding Styles. The most important knowledge, though, will be what you learn from your horse through countless hours of adventure together.

My first ride

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