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mounting a horseOnce you get into the area you will be riding, you will need to mount your horse or pony. “Mounting” simply means to get on a horse or a pony. “Dismounting” means to get off a horse. Although you will have someone to help the first couple of times you get on a horse, you will need to learn how to mount your horse by yourself. Often times you will need to dismount your horse to open a gate then mount your horse to continue riding. Never ride without an adult with you until you have learned every step of riding and can do each without help.

There is more than one way to mount a horse. The first time you mount a horse or a pony, you will probably need help from a parent or another adult. Once you are comfortable with getting on and off of your horse you may use a mounting block, a fence or any stable object that cannot injure your horse or yourself.

Mounting your horse:

mounting a horse
  1. Start by standing at a point just behind horse’s left shoulder with your hand on the saddle horn and holding the reins. This will be your horse’s cue that you about to mount and ride.

  2. Put your left foot in the stirrup and your right hand on the back of the saddle.

  3. Spring up off your right foot, swinging your right leg over being careful not to hit or kick your horse in the belly, flank or hip as you are getting on your horse. Now you are sitting in the saddle.

  4. Put your right foot into the stirrup and take the reins into your right hand.

  5. Have an adult check the stirrups for correct length.

mounting a horse

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