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Pony of the Americas
A modern breed of pony created when an Iowan horse breeder bred a Shetland pony with an Appaloosa in the 1950s. The resulting foal was small and stocky with Appaloosa "leopard" spots.

Pony of the Americas or POAs as they are known have short legs, large eyes, a slightly arched neck, a body that is short and well–rounded as well as spots that are round or egg shaped. Their sclera (the area that encircles the iris) is very white and POAs often have areas of skin that are mottled. Pony of Americas stand from 11.2 to 14hh.

Australian Pony
Known for their great athleticism, Australian ponies come from the mixed blood lines of horses that came to Australia back in the 1800s, including Hackney pony, the Shetland pony, Arabian, Thoroughbred and the Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) &$8211; which they most resemble. Australian ponies are good natured and easy to handle. They are a favorite show pony.

Australian Ponies can be of any solid color. They stand between 12 and 14hh and often their Arabian bloodlines can be seen in the shape of their face.

Cold – Hot – Warm Bloods...what does it all mean?

Cold Blooded Horse Breeds

Horses have been bred by mankind for their strength to aid farmers and wagoners who needed animals that could haul large loads or pull heavy plows. Horses bred to be this way are called Cold Blooded. They are known for their being muscular and having a calm sweet nature. They often have "feathery" hair around their hooves. Cold Blood breeds are used in draft horse competitions.

Cold Blooded Horse Breeds:

Known for how tall and strong they are (standing at 16 to 17.2 hh on average), Percherons were the warhorses of old that knights rode into battle. Due to mixing in of Arabian bloodlines long ago, Percherons are known for their elegant appearance and fine head. However, their legs are still strong and long making them good as draft horses as well.

Some of the most well–known cold blooded horses are Clydesdale. Made popular by their use in numerous television and magazines advertisements, Clydesdales come from Scotland and are known for their beautiful feathery hair around their hooves. They were used as coal cart animals for a long long time due to their strength and sturdiness. Today, Clydesdales popularity has secured its place as a show horse yet they are considered a fairly rare breed since their usefulness to industry has greatly diminished since the early 20th century.

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