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This is *the* place to learn more about horses!

About Horses

There is a great deal to learn about our equine friends. This overview is a great place to start. A great read if you want to write a report on horses or simply want to know more.


Horses come in all sorts of sizes and colors. Learn more about the different types of horses

Vocabulary I
Horse Body Parts

There are many different words you need to learn so you can better understand horses. The different parts of a horse' body is the perfect place to start.

Care and Feeding

Horses, ponies, donkeys...all our equine friends need proper care and feeding to stay healthy and happy. Learn more about why you can do to help your equine friend.
your first ride

Your First Ride

Your first time to ride a horse is an event you will never forget. Read on what you can do to make your first meeting a fun and enjoyable event.

Vocabulary II
Tack and Gear

It takes more than just a saddle to ride a horse. Learn more about the different pieces needed in the care and riding of your horse.