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English Riding

English Riding Style The saddle for the English riding style has a relatively flat and light saddle made to not burden the horse's back so he can move in natural manner. This allows certain skills to be performed by horse and rider such as dressage. Dressage is a series of movements done from memory by both rider and horse that performed in an arena. Both hands are kept on the reins in the English style of horse riding, each working to direct the horse. English riding also requires that the rider rises and sits in rhythm with the horse's stride. This is called "posting the trot"

Western Riding

Western Riding StyleDuring the cowboy era, cowboys and their horses worked for long hours together. The cowboy often needed to use just one hand to control the horse. This is where Western style comes from. The saddle for Western Style Riding is larger, heavier and deeper with a high cantle. The Western saddle was created for comfort over long hours on many different types of land. In Western Style riding, the rider controls and directs the horse holding the reins in one hand with the aid of the rider's legs and the seat.

The first time someone rides a horse can be very nervous and exciting experience. Before handling or riding a horse or pony, we need to remember that they are gentle nervous animals that prefer to be in a group following a leader. We take the place of that leader when we are riding them. Approaching the horse with confidence is very important. My New FriendTalk to him or her and pet them gently and lovingly on the neck. If a person is nervous, hesitant or pushy, horses will sense that and may behave badly. Anyone new to horsemanship should have someone with who can help them the first time they meet a horse, especially a horse they intend to learn to ride. Lead a horse or pony on their left hand side. Hold the lead rope or reins in your right hand close to the horse's head and take the other end in your left hand. Move forward in a positive way beside the horse's shoulder without looking back at the horse. The first time someone rides a horse, they should do so away from the herd. Horses will naturally want to be with the herd, and a person unused to handling a horse may not know how to control them properly. They will also become fearful if objects they are not used to are around them with a new rider. New riders need to make sure the area they will be riding in is familiar with the horse.

Caring for and riding horses is a incredible experience almost anyone can enjoy. Horses, ponies, minis, donkeys...all the horses in the equine world... are wonderful creatures full of compassion, love and intelligence.

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