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Kazakhstan one of main world suppliers of horse meat 

The majority of Americans are against eating horses. This is commonly known. Yet, most do not realize how many thousands of American horses are shipped overseas to be eaten on the dining tables in such countries as Italy, Russia and Belgium. Note that while Russians enjoy eating horse meat, the amount of meat that comes from Russia is lower than that of the United States! ~ HfH

From: AKI Press

horsemeatBishkek (AKIpress) – конина Kazakhstan is the second after China main supplier of horse meat in the world, CA-News reported citing idea-lab.kz.

The US supplies 130,000 of its horses annually to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

Russia, Italy, and Belgium are the main consumers of horse meat in the world.

Annually, Russia consumes 28,547 tons of horse meat, Italy – 28,232 tons, Belgium – 25,480 tons.

The world’s main suppliers of horse meat are China – 170,848 tons, Kazakhstan – 73,088 tons, Mexico – 69,130 tons, the US – 68,444 tons, the Russian Federation – 52,898 tons, Argentina – 30,449 tons, and others.

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