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Habitat for Horses is always on the lookout for a few great people at our ranches. The work is unique, the animals are special and we want folks who both know and understand the special connection our animals need.

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  1. Shirley Sinclair

    The picture of this mare and her story, getting drug behind a trailer and surviving her horrific abuse, several years ago always stuck with me and still haunts me..I always wanted to take her home, and give her all the carrots and apples, and love and affection she could possibly handle, make her feel like a princess the rest of her days….even though there is so much evil in the world, it is angels like Habitat for Horses, that restore my faith…and helps me fight for the unknowns every day. Thank-you and to all the “miracles” that lie ahead, a strong heart and the grace to help the next one and the next one…if it was not for our equines it would be a hollow world.


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