Is this the future of the American Mustang?


By 1900 the population of wild mustangs roaming the United States had dropped down to 2 million. You may think that is a sizable number – and it is enough to provide a sustainable population. Then we Americans have been driving them to extinction. Their numbers dropped to lower than 18,009 in 1971 and our Congress passed a free wild horse and burro law to protect them from extinction.

wildhorsesThere are now about 30,000 free Mustangs living in the United States. Tens of thousands more are kept in holding pens with their futures up in the air. Their fate parallels that of the Przewalski horse. Man reduced the Przewalski horse down to just 13 when zoologists and others stepped in with efforts to repopulate and reintroduce these wonderful horses back to the wilds of Mongolia. Now there are close to 1500 of them in zoos and less than 400 in wild. Their fate is still on a razor’s edge. And the American Mustang is close behind.

Here is a wonderful video on the efforts to re-home the Przewalski horse. Afterwards please be sure to go to this petition to support the SAFE Act to keep all horses safe from human consumption in the US. ~ HfH


Saving wild horses from going extinct

Breeding programs and co-operative efforts by various European zoos have helped increase the population of Przewalski’s horses – a species that had been threatened by extinction for decades.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Nancy Albin

    they are so cute thanx interesting I hope they figure out how to make it work. (I saw stud and a mare yesterday) I hope im not ratting them out

    April 22, 2014