Iron County, feds work together to corral horses

Wild Horses

All it takes is a more organized effort by local officials to get the BLM to not only back down but to aid the cattle ranchers. Trying to say that the local wild horses have been dumped there in recent years is a false hood. Wild horse advocates have been tracking these herd families for a long time now. ~ HfH

From: The Salt Lake Tribune
By: Lisa Schencker

Wild Horsesfter weeks of tension over how to handle the overpopulation of horses on drought-stricken range, Iron County and Bureau of Land Management officials began working together Thursday to corral some of them.

David Miller, chairman of the Iron County Commission, said Thursday that, so far, one corral had been built on private land in hopes of attracting feral and stray horses to a water source within the fencing. He said officials plan to build at least one or two more corrals in coming days.He said captured feral and stray horses will likely be put up for adoption or auction, and the county will work with the BLM to make arrangements on any captured wild horses, which will be moved to a holding facility.

County leaders had given the BLM an ultimatum in recent weeks to reduce the overpopulation of wild horses, which they say are causing problems on the range shared by horses, cattle and wildlife on BLM land.

The Utah office of the BLM has estimated that 1,200 horses are spread throughout management units in the area. The BLM’s own plans call for 300.

“It’s not as much as we would like,” Miller said Thursday of the corralling. “As the county, we’re concerned it’s not going to mitigate significantly the threat, but because we’re getting progress, we will work together.”

He added, however, that county officials aren’t taking “any options off the table, because if there are imminent threats that we have to address, then we will.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Barbara Warner

    An all out war against our wild horses and BLM is breaking the law with nothing being done to stop them.

    April 11, 2014
  • Suzanne Dunham

    But its ok for the ranchers to let their millions of cattle ruin the land!!!! How much sense does this make????? None!!!!

    April 11, 2014
  • Marge Mullen

    BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases

    April 11, 2014
  • Nancy Albin

    Oh be still my heart.. all I know… I bought the house here to retire with the “WILD HORSES” & I got to spend enough time with them to realize how incredible & fascinating they are.. I am 52 years old grew up with Roy Rogers as my neighbor still friends with his grandchildren, zorros cabin behind my house just alot of western beauty in chatsworth as a child now we had horses but i never knew as a child how incredible they really are i just knew me & my friends had the time of our lives always on horses our family horse “Checkers” was a painted welsh & she was our family she went in our pool (we got in trouble she chipped the bottom of the pool) she liked “thrify store ice cream cones) she was my diving board into the deep end of pool. Even had a babysitting (exercising job) from a big man in a suit to ride his horse named “Mr” buckskin TB 17 hands i had to climb trees rocks anything to get on him i was about 3 ft tall he had a bad leg so im sure he was a racer just waiting for slaughter back in the 70’s i don’t know? but I know why blm/etc. is doing all of this it doesn’t take much to figure it out, I will see them in Sacramento Monday & tuesday & when i know what i want to talk to them about more bs happens I really have to stop this horrible acts of torture on these innocent animals my god I’ve even made stencils of Wild Horses now painting them all over my walls! I don’t know,,, Jerry my heart is so heavy & angry am I missing something here is there something else i should be doing can I capture these horses myself? is it against the law? I am so sickened by this I can imagine how the elders around these area’s not to mention You all loving horses your whole lives how can you keep such control I am apache, souix irish & spaniard my fiesty is So Fiesty I feel like my heart is as big as the moon thats why they call me “Indian Moon” I wish I could change things I’m at a lose I have a book now of topics re; Horses for blm monday & only 3 minutes ok I think I need some breakfast coffee & alot of vitamins i am tired just throw some Waylon & Willie maybe alittle Merle, Johnny Cash & I will get my strength again. Thanx for not bootin me off your great web page (I love what you do & post it all over fb I fell in love with a Horse you used to have named “Phoenix” I followed him until he got adopted I hope he is well (He better be) heeheheh! have a great day & weekend Jerry & Habit for Horses <3

    April 11, 2014
  • Margo Nielsen

    RE: The last few paragraphs…
    Are people REALLY just letting horses go?
    Is there any proof of this? Isn’t this one of the typical excuses used to designate horses as feral so they can round them up and ship them off to slaughter?

    April 11, 2014
  • Margaret

    I just read that BLM caved to Bundy. Hope this means Dave a Miller and merry band of cohorts will stand down now…

    April 12, 2014