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Human DNA found in horse feed 

Quark News / April 1, 2013

Sabbitical Farms breeding stud hunting for opportunities

Sabbitical Farms breeding stud hunting for opportunities

Denver – (AP)  Test have reveal human DNA in a shipment of 15,000 pounds of horse feed delivered to Sabbatical Breeding Farms in Denver, Colorado. Local law enforcement has asked the FBI to step in to assist in the investigation.

“At this point, we have no idea where the contamination occurred,” stated Lt. John Wheatly of the Colorado State Police. “It’s evident that somewhere along the line, illegal activity is involved.”

Brian Norquest, manager of Sabbatical farms, said the first indication of trouble came when the horses refused to eat the new grain. Sabbatical Farms is a nationally known breeding facility of grade horses. “These horses need to be kept as healthy as possible because of all the procreating they do. When a procreating horse doesn’t eat, there has to be an issue with the grain.” Norquest said he immediately sent samples of the grain to the lab for analysis.

Tungsten Labs director Earl Simwell was the first to find the human DNA and contacted Norquest with the result. Simwell said that while the human component was just over one percent, it completely threw the flavor off. “There’s nothing wrong with human meat,” he added. “It just doesn’t mix well with oats.”

Todd Axelrod of the Colorado State Department of Veterinarians disagreed. “Throughout their lifetime, humans are injected with all sorts of drugs. I certainly wouldn’t want my horse to eat that stuff.”

The Regional FBI office in Ft. Collins said they received the request for assistance and are looking into sending an investigator. Arnold Pecking, Chief Agent, stated that due to the sequester and subsequent budget cuts, the FBI is only investigating major crimes. “Minor crimes like murder and food supply contamination will simply have to wait,” he added. Pecking suggested that the BLM be contacted. “This sounds like an act committed by some wild horses.”