HSUS Backs Horse Ban Legislation (Audio)


From: WNAX

maxwellThe Humane Society of the United States is backing proposed legislation in Congress to permanently ban horse slaughter in the United States. The two measures they’re supporting also calls for prohibiting the sale of horses to other countries for human consumption. HSUS Ag Director Joe Maxwell says horses aren’t built to be humanely slaughtered. Maxwell doesn’t believe slaughtering horses is the best means of dealing with overpopulation of the animals. He says there are other alternatives like putting the animals down or using proper breeding methods. Maxwell says euthanizing a horse doesn’t cost any more than paying a monthly boarding fee for the animal.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • morgansinkc

    Thank you, Joe Maxwell and HSUS. We need everyone on board to get the SAFE act out of committee passed. All for one and one for all.

    May 19, 2014
  • The HSUS is not your local animal shelter. The HSUS has been hijacked by radical animal rights activist. It is an over 150 million dollar corporation that spends almost every dime it gets on obscene salaries and filing lawsuits. It raises money by showing ads of cute dogs and cats, but it spends less then 1 cent on the dollar to feed and shelter cats and dogs. The HSUS is being investigated for fraud and it was convicted of racketeering in Florida. More and more members of congress are questioning the tax free status of the HSUS because of its political activities. The HSUS IS AGAINST RODEO AND WESTERN TRADITIONS. IT IS FOR A VEGETERIAN LIFE STYLE AND AGAINST EATING MEAT. The HSUS says it spends 79% of its money for animal welfare programs, but it does not say what they are. The HSUS has been accused of paying employees to abuse animals and videoing the abuse as proof that meat production should be stopped. The HSUS uses some of its money to change our eating habits and standard of living by working to outlaw farming methods which are used on family farms. The HSUS is bad for America so don’t applaud its lackeys. If you want to support something think about giving to the child fund, St. Jude, the Wounded Warriors, or you local food bank. If you want to help animals, give money to you local animal shelter. Giving money to the HSUS is throwing money away on a bloated bureaucracy that waste it on salaries and litigation. It claims to do good but if you really look at what it does, it only piggybacks on the work of local organizations.

    May 20, 2014
  • Nancy Albin

    Hi Randy I hear what you are concerned with the HSUS but I have been working with them for years & I have every # to find out where your money goes & where there money goes which is nice to know & I see nothing wrong with a vegetarian lifestyle I am sorry to say I eat meat mostly seafood but I love my bacon. I do also the child fund at st. judes veterans, & education and you don’t have to just donate money to your local animal shelters they also need volunteers to play with the animals & take them for walks as well as blankets etc. With that said I will now state that blm/gov/ Jewell etc. they are doing horrible things to the horses & it won’t stop until we get that SAFE ACT passed we need to get obama to respond! & the ranchers to back off!!! Public land!!! The blm facilities are over packed & the horse i was gonna buy from them all of a sudden never existed which is what they said all of a sudden they cant find it! Im sure it went to slaughter after living 4 years at fallen facility it is such a robbery of our rights because we pay taxes with that money they are taking our American Horses & then imprisoning them that we pay for & then they are making us pay to get them out of their Hell!!! I find that very upsetting & so communism “the american people are treated more like “Slaves” then anything else!! I myself am with anybody that has the b***s to stand against most of the government that is destroying ‘OUR PUBLIC LANDS OF AMERICA”

    May 28, 2014