How the horsemeat scandal unfolded

  • CanAmFam

    Thank you, this is an outstanding graphic representation of the issue! Will be sharing it widely.

    April 2, 2013
  • BlessUsAll

    The illustration of the chain of events is outstanding, I agree with CanAmFam.

    Only three points in it make me flinch:

    (1) The use of the word “horse” when referring to food that comes from horses is, I feel, an industry attempt to “con” consumers into viewing these beautiful sentient beings as inanimate objects. (We allow those who profit from animal flesh to do the same thing with cows and pigs and chickens and turkeys when we robotically refer to “red meat” and “steak” and “pork” and “bacon” and “poultry.”)

    (2)How could there have been $65 million in annual domestic (that is, U.S.) profits from the horse meat industry before the 2007 ban? The only people who had to seek new employment post-inspections-ban were a handful of plant managers and low-paid employees in three slaughterhouses. There are still kill buyers and trailer drivers, still feedlots and auction houses, still breeders and sellers, all of who, unfortunately, are still profiting off the backs of these poor creatures. Besides, didn’t the slaughterhouse profits always go directly to the foreign owners (conglomerates) of the plants? And didn’t those foreign owners pay a pittance in taxes to the local, state, and federal taxing authorities in the U.S.? And didn’t they infect the water and land and air — and jack up the crime rate — wherever they operated?

    (3)Too bad a spokesman for the honorable Animal Angels or Equine Welfare Alliance or Equine Advocates isn’t quoted, instead of a money-grubbing publicity hound who heads a wealthy animal “welfare” organization that has nothing in common with our honest, humble horse friends.

    Other than those gripes, I’m great with the graphic.

    April 2, 2013