Horses Shipped Out of U.S. for Slaughter Legally (Video)

Horses being readied to be slaughtered

Horse buyers are making more and more claims to the media in recent days that they are being threatened by animal rights activists. Its now become something of a mantra for kill buyers – that they personally feel threatened. We here at Habitat for Horses never condone violence against other humans. It is likely that their fear is due to their livelihood as horse killers is being threatened. Do not give them fuel for the media fire. There are many legal non-violent means to fight these atrocities. Keep the pressure up to reveal the horror of horse slaughter. ~ HfH

From: St. Joe Channel

(KAUFMAN, Tex.) In east Texas, horses are a part of the way of life.

Horses being readied to be slaughtered

East Texas horses being readied to ship off to Mexican slaughter houses

“My daughter barrell races, my son ropes, said Felisha Cotton, who lives with her family on a ranch in rural Henderson County, Texas, about an hour southeast of Dallas. “My husband has roped. He’s roped his entire adult life.”

For Cotton and her family, horses are almost part of the family.

“I just enjoy them,” she said. “I’d have 100 of them if I could.”

While revered by many, others value horses for different reasons. Some horses will end up on the dinner table.

“They’re trucked down to Mexico and they’ll be slaughtered for human consumption.”

Marsha (not her real name), is an undercover cruelty investigator for the Equine Welfare Alliance.

“Horse slaughter is one of the biggest cruelty to animals that there is,” she said. “From the transportation to the auctions all the way to the slaughter plant.”

Reports say as many as 170,000 are transported to Mexico and Canada each year for slaughter. The meat is then shipped to Japan and Europe for consumption.

“They don’t really care for these animals that much. It’s just a dollar sign to them, it’s a carcass weight, it’s a pound.”

We followed Marsha on an investigation of a horse buyer’s farm. After shooting some video and leaving, we saw that we were being followed closely.

The horse buyer wasn’t happy we had shot video of his operation and was suspicious of our motives.

I stopped to talk with him and explain my purpose of producing a story on the horse slaughter industry. Showing his mistrust, he called the sheriff’s office to check my credentials.

The horse buyer identified himself as one of the largest horse buyers in Texas. He told KQ2 off camera that he is afraid of the animal rights activists and was just trying to protect his business.

He says he knows of other horse buyers who have been threatened in the past.

He also discounted the notion that he is cruel to his horses. He said he has top-of-the-line equipment and provides only the best food and shelter to his animals.

Meanwhile, Cotton says slaughtering horses for meat is unthinkable.

“Most people say that dogs are man’s best friend,” she said. “Here, horses are our best friend.”

Some in Congress are supporting a bill that would outlaw the shipment of horses outside of the country for the purpose of slaughter.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Couldnt watch video, been watching them for 20 years , and at this point I have had enough, I will dedicate time to get the SAFE ACT Passed and do everything possible to stop these subhumans from Slaughtering one more Horse or Mustang, it has always been a low lifes answer for a Buck !!!!This the very lowest form of life, i do not believe anyone who has a Brain that is useable, would ever even think of doing this to a horse !!i am thoroughly disgusted and appalled …… These people(Kill Buyers) ought to be hung ,and should get a real Job , you know one thaT YOU WORK FOR THE BETTERMENT OF MAN AND ANIMAL and they deserve everything they get !!!!!! I am not violent nor would I ever threaten them , but those who do I applaud…………..

    February 21, 2014
    • Robynne Catheron

      Arlene, well said! I, like you, am committed to getting the S.A.F.E. Act passed this year. Please visit my FB page RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES. Together we can move mountains!

      Thank you HfH for keeping us updated. We appreciate you!

      February 22, 2014
      • Dear Robynne, so sorry I am not on FB, you are so right we can win this for the Mustangs but we all must Unite,,,,,, the SAFE ACT is Monumentally Important to get passed , the faster the better…………………….. I will work with you everyway i can !!!

        February 23, 2014
  • Penny Zielstorf

    I understand we should not act out on this issue but speaking for myself I could not stand there and watch this happening to a horse not more then I could handle watching a child being abused. There is no room in my life for the abuse of children or animals. The abuse of either causes my blood to boil.
    “If we see cruelty that we have the power to stop and we do nothing we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” I am in the fight till the end it needs to stop.

    February 21, 2014
  • Ziggy Pope

    While this, on occasion, may have happened, there is a common thread here, and it is not a surprise to me, the kill buyers are now being told to say the same thing.

    The dog rescue people, the anti puppy mill people, the pro-choice people, the wild horse people, the anti slaughter horse people, the anti ag gag people, stop killing wolf people, stop canned hunting people, the anti mines people, the anti toxic pipelines people etc are all being being accused of threatening the animal abusers and animal killers, polluters and extractors.

    In other words, if you want to rape the land, soil the water, poison the air, torture the voiceless, no matter how many legs they have,they are trying to make themselves out to be the victims.

    It is their latest mantra. When faced with facts, they cower and lie like the cowards and liars they are.

    February 21, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    Ziggy Pope – Went to that website & the show had been “removed”!
    It sure does seem that every pro-slaughter mouthpiece (whether its horses, dogs, wolves,or pipelines) all have the same story – “we are being harassed & threatened”. It just wont wash, will it?
    Having heard about the harassment of the wild horse advocates at the roundups – I cant work up much sympathy for people who are so focused on KILLING! The victims are the animals…

    February 22, 2014
  • Nancy Albin

    Yes we need to get the SAFE ACT in motion to stop this horrific massive slaughter once & for all ! all i can say is there is more of us then them !!! we just need to get creative i guess.

    March 2, 2014