Horses are wild – but not free

Joan Guilfoyle interview

Joan Guilfoyle, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief – the same woman whose internal Bureau of Land Management discussed “drastic changes” needed – is interviewed by NBC News. While this video is a few months old… the lies by Guilfoyle are the same ones repeated over and over again like some kind of mantra “No we do not kill horses”. James Stephenson, a BLM advisory member, is shown in the video at a BLM advisory meeting endorsing horse slaughter. Then in the next scene Guilfoyle says this would never be considered that all captured wild horses are adopted out to good homes. It is well known that Tom Davis, a horse buyer, has made good money off reselling BLM wild horses – he has said so himself …somehow the majority of these previously free horses wind up on ranches close to the Mexican border then disappear. Still the Bureau of Land Management denies any culpability to a man they adopted horses to over and over again.

Joan Guilfoyle interview

U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief Joan Guilfoyle interviewed by NBC News

This brings us all back to that internal memo written by Ms. Guilfoyle in which she strongly suggests sterilization of wild horses and euthanizing any horses deemed “near death” by government agents. In the video, Ms. Guilfoyle can somehow maintain a straight face while telling the American public that “there will always be wild horses”. Never does she discuss viable population numbers. Its all feel good catch phrases. The true agenda – keeping cheap land for use by private cattle ranches – seems to be the true goal of our government’s Bureau of Land Management.

Watch the video for yourself – horses are shown clearly injured and abused. All the while Ms. Guilfoyle tells us how much she loves them. ~ HfH

From: NBC News
Interviewer: Lisa Myers

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Nancy Albin

    So who made them “God”… that they can decide who lives and who dies! & what country is that c**t from?!!!!! (sorry jerry) But they act like there doin someone a favor! why dont they round up the coyotes then? since theyre so concend about our safety & damages other life! my dogs have to be watched almost every second they are out side & we cant go outside at all after 5pm because of the coyotes & mtn lions! they are deadly predators “Wild Horses” are not! and what makes them think this is the first time the season has changed! They dont think Wild Horses know how to survive! what the hell do they think the horses have done for centuries!!! “Survive” or “Die” DAH! I want to press charges against them because I am suppose to report animal abuse when i see it!!! & I definately see it!!! and I havent seen a horse around here for weeks!!!! & I have had a helicopter over my land every fn day & night!!! So I am about to explode &… I dont know. but i am tired of my heart & stomach hurting knowing what is happening to a living thing & there isnt a f**N thing i can do about it!!! I thought you were suppose to live in PEACE in this country. What do I have to do. I got anonther letter from Sen. Dean Heller stating something about selling the public land that the horses live on to OH YEA… guess? “Cattle Ranchers & Big Oil” imagine that …….

    February 27, 2014
  • Vicky Johnson

    So if it’s not ‘her job’ to set the ratios of private livestock to wild horses – who’s is it?

    February 27, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    Well I saw this video when it first came out & my opinion hasn’t changed! There should be NO acceptable cruelties – NONE. It certainly would be interesting to learn whether that cattleman used grazing allotments – if not, that would mean he owns his own land, right??

    February 27, 2014