Horsemeat linked to new food scandal seized in Belgium

Horse Meat for Sale...

Lies and more lies from the horse slaughter industry. Better yet for the Belgians would be to stop eating horsemeat. ~ HfH

From: Global Post

belgianBelgium health authorities on Friday reported the seizure of 16.8 tonnes of horsemeat, part of it linked to a fresh food scandal in France involving meat not supposed to wind up on people’s plates.

France informed Belgium last week of the delivery to a Belgian firm of 17.5 tonnes of falsely-labelled meat from horses that were used by scientists to help produce anti-rabies and other serums.

Police made a score of arrests earlier this month in southern France following a tip-off that 200 horses, including 60 owned by pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, had ended up in abattoirs after their veterinary certificates had been falsified.

Belgian food safety agency AFSCA said in a statement that the meat had been integrated into “a larger consignment of 82 tonnes of horsemeat”.

Of the 82 tonnes, which included both regular horsemeat and horsemeat carrying false papers, 63.6 tonnes were “distributed across all of Europe”, in particular in France and the Netherlands, AFSCA said.

A total 1.6 tonnes were sold as fresh meat in Belgium in February and March. The remainder was frozen and was seized this week.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Karma comes in many ways , maybe this is it !!!!!

    December 28, 2013
  • NLaurel

    EVERYONE involved in the horse slaughter, pipeline, from the original seller to the butcher, to the distributor, are greedy, immoral and unethical. How can we expect anything but disastrous dealings from them.

    December 28, 2013