Horsemeat from US is a ‘health risk’ to French

A horse lies dying

French animal right’s group “L214” is leading the way to stop horsemeat consumption in Europe. Their reports on the cruelty these animals must deal with before being killed, as well as proof of drugs known to be harmful to humans found in their meat, are an excellent tool in the fight to stop horse slaughter. Education and then legislation is our best hope in bringing about a future where horse slaughter is a thing of the past. ~ HfH

From: The Local – Frances news in English

A horse lies dying

A horse lies dying while waiting to be slaughtered – report by L214

A French animal rights’ group claimed on Thursday that horsemeat imported to France from North and South America comes from animals treated with a dangerous drug that’s banned from human consumption.

Horses from the United States, Canada and other countries in the region whose meat is sold in France for human consumption pose a health risk and are often cruelly treated, a leading animal rights group said on Thursday.

L214, which derives its name from an article in a 1976 French law that stipulates that animals have to be kept properly and in healthy conditions, said the conclusions followed a wide-reaching, two-year investigation launched in 2012.

Horses from the US, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina destined for human consumption were found to be emaciated, sick, injured or had been administered strong doses of anti-inflammatory medicines, according to the findings.

Using secret cameras, the probes were conducted at horse auctions, in export enclosures, at veterinary checkpoints, feedlots and abattoirs.

In a video posted on L214’s website, horses are seen with open gashes, dislocated or broken legs, and left without treatment in feedlots.

Some are visibly dead and in a state of decomposition, in enclosures or in transport trucks, with other horses squeezed around them.

“Apart from the unacceptable treatment of the horses, the use of phenylbutazone or other dangerous substances banned in the European Union is common,” said L214’s Brigitte Gothiere.

The drug, commonly referred to as bute, is used to alleviate pain in horses that are not destined for human consumption. It was originally also given to humans to treat rheumatoid arthritis and gout but was found to cause irreversible liver damage when combined even in small doses with other human painkillers.

The drug is no longer approved for human use in the European Union and United States.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • penny zielstorf

    it’s about time this is just totally insane we would take a chance on making millions worldwide sick knowing these chemicals are in these horses and we are letting the horses go to be process for human consumption.
    Every process plant in Canada and Mexico needs to be shut down and sued,
    The 50,000 wild ones the BLM have sitting in holding pens is not safe for human consumption. Owner’s who could not afford to take care of their horses have turn them loose out there with the wild ones they’ve already been shot full of meds, there’s no way to tell them apart.

    March 14, 2014
  • Terra Pennington

    I wonder if the EU will get off their backside now and enforce the ban they have on the books rejecting all US bred horses from EU approved horse slaughter plant in Mexico and Canada. I know they closed the border to Mexico for one day (forgot what the date was) but all the pro-slaughter groups went nuts… All I can say is this is the year of the horse and with hope the 50,000 Mustangs in holding pens will not end up at slaughter and they will if the BLM have their way..

    March 14, 2014
  • Callie1983

    Excellent information that will be ignored if it is ever presented to the FDA or the USDA. The FDA’s study on Antibiotics used on farm animals resulted in the formation of a ‘Rule’ but the enforcement is non existent. It is VOLUNTARY if the Factory Farmers want to follow this rule.

    What is wrong with these people? Can they not take a stand and actually see that their rules are enforced? If they don’t then why do we have this ludicrous Agency?

    March 15, 2014
  • Robynne Catheron

    I still don’t believe that the average everyday French (or any other horse meat-eating country) housewife goes to her local grocer or butcher knowing full well that the horse meat she’s buying is toxic, and therefore harmful to her and her family. If the consumers really knew, I think there would be much more of an uprising than we see here. Obviously, it’s not written on the label that it “contains Phenylbutazone, a drug known to cause damage to liver and bone marrow in humans.” If no one tells the consumer, she’ll just keep right on buying it like she has for decades.
    This is IMHO, but I think it has validity. Any thoughts?

    March 15, 2014
  • Callie1983

    This is in response to Robynne, actually the French are fully aware of what is present in horse meat imported into their Country. They have been breeding horses for years for the purpose of slaughter for Human Consumption.

    The EU is phasing out accepting import of Horse meat from the US as well as Canada and Mexico. I am pretty sure this goes into effect in 2015. Maybe Jerry can give us the date as I could be incorrect.

    March 15, 2014
    • Robynne Catheron

      Thank you, Callie, I stand happily corrected. I still can’t imagine anyone knowingly eating tainted horse meat, though, that just boggles the mind. Then they need to hurry the heck up and stop importing it. Supply = demand, so the sooner they finish their phasing out period, the sooner our horses will be safe(er). They’ll probably never be truly safe, not with the kill-buyers we have, and the people who still believe “slaughter is more humane than starving to death.” That’s my mission next month on my thousand-mile ride: explain the difference to people.
      I agree with your opinion on the FDA. They’re a joke, and useless.

      March 16, 2014
      • Callie1983

        Hi Robynne, it is all about money pure and simple. Furthermore any involvement USDA has with Companion Animals is an unmitigated disaster. Are you aware the reason we have those horrid Puppy Mills in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma is because the USDA gave those folks dogs to breed during the Dust Bowl! They will not shut them down and they are owned and operated by mostly poorly educated people who have been running these puppy mills as family businesses since the 1940’s!

        Wherever the USDA as far as Companion Animals are concerned it is entrenched and so hard to stop. They have 82 Vets that are supposed to be checking all these Puppies! There are thousands of puppies born at the Mills each year and 82 USDA Vets just does not cut it.

        It is so disgusting and so sad.

        March 17, 2014