Horsemeat found in tinned beef on sale in Lincolnshire

Horse meat scandal

Horsemeat has been found in tinned beef that has been on sale in discount stores in the UK, the Food Standards Agency said.

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Horse DNA was found during routine testing by Lincolnshire County Council trading standards officers.

The canned beef had been manufactured in Romania

The canned beef had been manufactured in Romania

Officials said the Food Hall Sliced Beef in Rich Gravy had been sold in branches of Home Bargains and Quality Save.

The affected batch has been withdrawn from sale.

An FSA spokesman said: “If you have this product stored, you are advised to return it to where you bought it.”

The affected products have a best before date of January 2016 and a batch code of 13.04.C.

They were manufactured in Romania in January.

‘Disappointed’ with findings

The product tested was found to contain between 1% and 5% horsemeat, but did not contain any of the veterinary painkiller bute.

A spokesperson for TJ Morris, which trades as Home Bargains, said it withdrew the product as soon as the company was made aware traces of horsemeat had been found.

“We are disappointed with these findings,” said the spokesperson.

“The factory we and other retailers use for this product has the highest level of UK food standards accreditation – British Retail Consortium Grade A.

“We have since had other batches of the same product tested, which were found to contain no traces of horsemeat.”

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  • I live in the USA but I have not eaten beef since the horse meat scandal in Europe. Plus I signed the oath to not eat or purchase beef.I am trying to stop eating mt altogether.

    November 5, 2013