Horse owners urged to take National Health Survey


This is taking place in the United Kingdom but is an excellent idea. Hopefully a report will be published once all the data is collected. ~ HfH

horsehealthFrom: The Horse & Hound
By: Martha Terry

Leading equestrian organisations are urging horse owners to participate in the National Equine Health Survey (18-24 May) to help identify priorities for research into equine diseases.

Many veterinary authorities and equine charities have committed their support for the survey, which is organised by the Blue Cross in partnership with the British Equine Veterinary Association.

The online survey — which should take around 5mins — records common health issues in horses, directly from their owners, to build a picture of health and disease of horses in the UK. New questions have been devised this year on equine infectious diseases and ragwort to reflect both current government debate on surveillance measures and concern among welfare organisations.

BEVA chief executive David Mountford said: “In the face of Defra’s plan to downgrade the status of Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) and Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) it is more important than ever that the UK Equine Industry can demonstrate that it is taking share of responsibility for equine health.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Geri Vincent

    It would be especially useful if this survey included questions about what drugs were used to treat the horses for the diseases and routinely. Providing insight in regard to American horses’ lack of a ‘passport’ declaring what drugs they have received, particularly since they are not raised as food animals. Considering that American horses are slaughtered for meat that is sold in Europe, awareness of the drugs that may remain in their tissue should be of great concern to those who eat them.

    May 23, 2014
  • Callie1983

    The problem with this happening in the US is owners not wanting to have anything at all to do with that Census. I never complete that because it is not the right of the USDA or any Governmental Agency to know how many horses I have. I have 5 ranging in age from 5 to 23. Very few folks know where I keep them.

    May 23, 2014