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Horse owner makes daring rescue attempt when animals stolen 

Horses in a trailer

From: Western Wheel
By: Don Patterson

Horses in a trailerCrime: Animals receive scrapes, bruises from incident

A horse owner went to daring lengths after his truck and trailer with three rodeo horses in it were stolen in Black Diamond early this morning.

The owner wound up hanging on to the side of a speeding truck, pleading with the thief for fear of the safety of his horses before eventually being thrown from the vehicle.

Sometime after midnight on July 9 a truck and trailer with three horses in it were stolen from out front of the Black Diamond Hotel.

When the owner came out to find the truck was gone, RCMP were called in to search for the truck and animals.

“Surrounding detachments in Okotoks and High River came out to help us and some of our community peace officers were in the area and they helped,” said Turner Valley RCMP Cpl. Terry Hamelin. “We were going as far down as Indian Graves and up towards Priddis and out towards Okotoks just to try to cut off all routes of access… The owner found him first.”

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