Horse meat shipped through the Port of Houston


(This report is the result of an ongoing investigation by the Wild Horse Freedom Federation and the Equine Welfare Alliance. Under current Texas law, it is illegal to transport horsemeat for human consumption, yet blinders are in place on all officials who should recognize the illegal acts. US horses shipped to Mexico, slaughtered, packaged, then shipped right back to be transported to Europe.)

Investigates-Jan-2013-jpgAuthor: Joel Eisenbaum, Investigative Reporter, Anchor,, Feb 26 2013 09:32:38 PM CST

More than one million pounds of fresh and frozen horse meat has moved through the Port of Houston since August 2012, according to records obtained by Local 2 Investigates.

Those shipping documents also show those horse parts were sold primarily to a Dutch company that touts horse meat as “one of the healthiest kinds of meat for human consumption,” on their website.

It is illegal in the state of Texas to ship, transfer, or sell horse meat for human consumption, although the 1949 law is broadly written and infrequently tested.

The “bill of lading” documents obtained by Local 2 list “International Unicorn Group” as the shipper of most of the horse meat. International Unicorn is based in Kaufman, Texas.

Kaufman was the site of a Horse Slaughter plant until it shutdown in 2007.

The President of International Unicorn Group, Inc., is listed as Jan P. Visser with the Texas secretary of state’s office.

Jan Visser is also noted as the founder of the Dutch company receiving most of the horse meat.

From the documents, the horse meat appears to originate in Mexico, stopover at the Port of Houston and then make its way to Europe and sometimes Russia.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • Margaret

    As far as I can tell the horsemeat has been found in frozen foods. I’d be real leery of the frozen hamburger rolls in the Big box warehouse stores and the ever popular tv dinners.

    Has anyone seen horsemeat in fesh ground turkey? Or fresh chicken breasts? I’m working on vegetarian. It’s not easy cause veggies are really not my thing.

    February 27, 2013
    • BlessUsAll

      Veggies aren’t my thing, either, Margaret.

      As a happy ethical vegan for the last few years, I can vouch for some of the amazing meat and dairy analogs. Try Gardein burgers and chicken tenders, or the Lightlife and Tofurky products. Try Toffuti-brand sour cream and cream cheese. Try the vegan yogurts and milks and ice creams and buttery spreads and salad dressings. They’re superb! (Taste buds switch to new flavors in a couple of weeks.)

      There’s even a recipe book (with shopping, cooking, and baking tips) for veganized “junk” foods: (Of course, there are tons and tons of vegan cookbooks, all of which can be found via your browser.)

      One more idea: if you search for a vegan or vegetarian meet-up group in your area and find one, go to a gathering. You’re bound to meet friendly folks who enjoy dining on good fare (sometimes they make their own and bring it to potlucks!). Don’t be timid about asking for guidance. Support is all around you. Enjoy your compassion-fueled journey.

      February 27, 2013
    • susan carter

      I’m with you. I’m cutting out meat all together. Down to chicken and fish.

      June 3, 2013
      • Hi susan carter! I think it’s great that you are on your path to better health and more thoughtful treatment to others…

        I know that many people begin to omit the larger cow-meat and pig-meat from their diet first, but really… If you must begin with choosing any animals to “save” first – You can help more animals by eschewing birds and fishes first. Since so many more of them must be killed to get the same weight in flesh. When someone says the only meat they eat is “a little chicken” – That certainly is the truth. Chickens as you know also love their lives and like fishes and the rest don’t want to be killed.

        As BlessUsAll mentioned previously there’s a wonderful variety of plant-based meats that are available now… And of course there’s always the wholesome fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds that make an excellent choice for a compassionate plate full.

        Good luck on your move to healthier and more ethical food choices. The web is filled with great sites that have all the recipes and motivation you could possibly need. Cheers! 😉

        June 5, 2013
  • Maureen

    Does anyone have info on the horsemeat that is shipped out of Canada from their slaughter plants? Which countries do they go too? What ships, etc.?

    February 27, 2013
      • Maureen

        Thank you so much! 🙂 you are beyond helpful 🙂

        February 28, 2013