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Unveiling the latest revolution in equine technology. Keep up to date with news, for horses. Surf websites, for horses. Connect with friends, ….who are horses. From the sketch show Dawson Bros Funtime.

Its the attention to details in this video that has me laughing so hard. Such as: “Black Beauty said nothing because she’s a horse.” …I could go on and on. Its been on Youtube for a year and half…still…very funny.

For your Sunday morning enjoyment – HfH Webmistress.

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • heheheheheh Awesome way to start a Sunday Morning !!!!! Wouldnt it be awesome if only we could send something to the horses to cheer them up also !!!! Thank You JF !!!!!! Something else really great for today ?????? The opening of AMERICAN WILD MUSTANG !!!!!!!in Denver !!!!

    November 10, 2013