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Horse Infection Spreads, More Animals Under Quarantine (Video) 

VS spreading in horse populations

Vesicular Stomatisis is definitely here – in Texas and else where. Horse owners need to take this seriously. Take steps to keep the fly population down to help prevent infection and spread. ~ HfH

From: CBS Denver

VS spreading in horse populationsLONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4)- A virus among animals in Northern Colorado is spreading and more stables are being quarantined.

Horses are getting sick from “Vesicular Stomatisis” and it’s causing financial strain among many ranchers.
It is often referred to as”VS” or “VSV” and can infect insects, cattle, horses and pigs.

At the Boulder County Fair, those who are showing animals are trying to stop the spread of the disease. They’re clearing out horse manure from the stalls because it can attract flies that carry the virus.

The 4-H Cattle Show at the Boulder County Fair was postponed to keep from spreading the virus. But one young rancher came up with a way to keep 4-H members’ hard work from going to waste.

“Me and my dad were kind of talking about how we could still kind of display our animals a little bit and we thought pictures would be good so we just took them out of the record book that I had,” said 4-H member Justin Weber.

They relied on posters instead.

State Veterinarian Dr. Keith Roehr confirms infections are on the rise. He’s quarantined nearly 100 horse farms.

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