Horse Hero Wanted


Part of our job is to assist and educate horse owners about the care of their equine when they call for guidance. We’ve found that by providing that type of response, we are able to help the horses and the owners before either one of them get into trouble. It might be something as simple as a need for an equine dentist, because many horse owners have no idea that horses need their teeth fixed on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, we can offer suggestions, although our main suggestion is usually, “Can you take the horse to a vet?”

We were recently asked to help with a large riding facility in Central Texas. After visiting the location and discussing what we found, we decided that some positive action needed to take place. A call was made to the owners, who had not seen the horses in six months. Their response was almost immediate. Every horse is now being seen by a vet, teeth floated, vaccinations, changed diet, round bales of perfect hay and the grounds are spotless. They are continually asking, “What else can we do? Where can we improve?”

All which thrills me no end. In a way, it’s slightly magic, for these horses deserve so much. The only problem is – the owners know next to nothing about horses.

The past two week have been an education for them and they have been willing students. Yesterday our ranch manager, Thom, and I made another trip and gave them a bigger list of things that need to be done. Even while we were talking, orders were being given and changes were being made.

Which led to their last request – “Will you help us find a qualified ranch manager?”


The problem is – it took us ten years to find the two managers we have now. They aren’t perfect, but neither am I, and those two are completely devoted to their job. I’m not giving either one of them up – well, one is going to the other riding facility for two weeks, but only until I find the right person or couple for the position.

Thus, this is a want ad.

Ranch manager or couple needed immediately in Central Texas location to manage a ranch with about 60 riding horses. During the summer riding program additional employees are added, but during the school year the responsibility is fully on the ranch manager.

Absolutely must know horses on a professional level. Must be able to gently train and retrain horses so they can handle young, inexperienced riders, know when to call a vet and when it isn’t necessary, know about equine nutrition, hay quality, what to do when a horse is spooked, how to trailer and all the other skills of a good horse person.

Above all, must be gentle and kind around horses and kids. Those kids need a well-spoken hero – a horse hero – upon whom they can look with admiration. The love of horses must be immediately apparent. Part of the interview process will be around the horses – and they don’t lie. I’ll test your skills, but the horses have to agree with me if you are picked.

A husband and wife team would also be considered, both with the same qualities. Housing provided, company truck for business, salary around $24,000, vacation, full benefit package after a 90 day probation period.

Send me your resume, tell me why you are perfect for this job. The initial interview is over the phone, the second interview is at our ranch close to Galveston, the job is in Central Texas, not far from Austin and San Antonio.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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