Help horses in need on National Make a Difference Day


Saturday Oct 26th is the designated volunteer service day of the Homes for Horses Coalition – which Habitat for Horses is a member. If you are unable to volunteer, please consider giving donation to help towards our goal of equine rescue, rehabilitation and education. Contact us at 409-935-0277 for more information – Your HfH Webmistress.


Carole Ann Pujazon

Carole Ann Pujazon – HfH Volunteer Coordinator – contact her at 409-935-0277

The Homes for Horses Coalition, which represents 250 equine rescues and sanctuaries across the United States, asks anyone who has an interest in helping horses to join the action at a local horse rescue facility during the 24th annual Make A Difference Day, the nation’s largest day of community service. Initiated in 1990, this national day encourages Americans to devote time and talent to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community. On this day, millions of citizens participate in community improvement projects of almost every sort including building, painting, repairing and clean-up.

The Homes for Horses Coalition encourages Americans to make a commitment to helping a horse rescue organization for just one day. “These rescues are so often in need of help with short-term labor intensive projects,” says Cindy Gendron, the Coordinator of the Coalition. “A committed group working hard for one day can make a huge difference by completing necessary projects, such as, fence repair, building shelters to protect horses from the elements, or putting up hay for the winter.”

What people do doesn’t matter. What matters is that they participate. For those that can’t do physical labor, they can help by checking out a groups wish list and shopping for needed items. One way to find horse rescues in a particular area is to go to the Homes for Horses Coalition website and click on the member page where you will find contact information for rescues listed by state.

Always contact a rescue prior to visiting, so they can be prepared to put your efforts to good use, and always pre-arrange dropping off donations. Most of these organizations have regular volunteer programs, and one day of service may lead to many more fulfilling days of volunteering. Go out and make a difference for horses on Make a Difference Day!

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Judy Lane

    How do I find a horse rescue group near my home that I could volunteer for?

    October 25, 2013
    • jfinch

      Judy – Google “horse rescue” and add the name of your state.

      October 25, 2013