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On occasion someone will ask me to post pictures or stories about their horse. I seldom do it for a variety of reasons, but this is one time I’m making an exception. Many years ago a horse was stolen close to the ranch, It took over a year, but because people cared enough to print and reprint the posters, the horse was found safe and returned to the owner. Maybe, just maybe, Sundance can find his way home through that same magic.

Rachel Broaderson sent me an email asking for help. She wrote:

SundanceEveryone please “share” and ask your friends and family to share so we can find out what really happened to him.Sundance

This is Sundance. By the power of prayer, friends, friends of friends, & Facebook I am hoping to locate him. In early 2009 due to unforeseen circumstances he was turned over to Spindletop after several personal recommendations concerning the facility and owner. He was not supposed to be adopted and was to live out his life there. In March 2012 I noticed on their website that he was “adopted”. I contacted Leah-the owner-via email and she confirmed that he had been adopted and had a good home. I wasn’t too concerned at the time since whoever adopted him would be under the adoption contract to return him if or when they were unable to care for him. For those of you who are not aware Spindletop has since been shut down. And there have been many dogs as well that were supposedly adopted and were not. I have contacted Leah and her attorney

for information and have been unsuccessful in all attempts. My hope is to find out what really happened to him and where he is. If he is in a good home then my mind and heart will be settled. If not then I can take the next step whatever that may be.
I am asking all my FB friends even if you are not in Texas and not a horse person to please “share” this album and our story on your wall. You never know who you know that may know something :). And at the time he was turned over to Spindletop he had a gray halter with black trim and his name embroidered on it.Thanks in advance for any and all help!!

This is not the time of year to be worrying about a long, lost horse. Hopefully someone, somewhere, has seen Sundance grazing in a nearby pasture. All Rachel need to know is that he’s safe and in the hands of someone who loves him. Take a close look.
You can contact Rachel through her Facebook page.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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