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Habitat for Horses

Habitat for Horses: A Safe Haven for our Equine Companions
By Sue Mayfield Geiger

It happened long before our time, before time even began, in a place of mist and trees, in a place of open land and brilliant moonlight, in a time and space far beyond our creation or knowledge. Aware, alert, in touch with rhythm of the earth, they lived in a place we never knew, that we could never Habitat for Horsesimagine. Their hoof beats thundered across the plains. Their cries echoed through the valley. In vast herds, in small family groups, they dwelled in a world removed from humans, in a world unto themselves.
Jerry Finch

It has been said that no animal has contributed more to humanity than the horse. They have been around far long than humans and since their domestication about 6,000 years ago, they have made major contributions to society. They have proven to be one of our most valuable assets during wartime, have aided us in accomplishing laborious work related tasks, have transported us and our belongings over thousands of miles, and have entertained us with their athletic ability. We depended on them more then they depended on us. In essence, we are truly powerfully linked to these amazing animals. And even though progress has made it possible for us to outpace them, we cannot leave them behind. They are an important part of our history and as we advance and more forward into the never-ending world of technology, we have an obligation to protect and care for these heavenly creatures.

No one is more adamant about this than Jerry Finch, founder of Habitat for Horses in Hitchcock, Texas, where 160 equine species roam at on 100 acres of land. Here they find comfort, food and shelter while Habitat for Horseslearning to trust, because lie has not always been easy for them. They are known as rescue horses, along with donkeys and mules. They are here because they have been mistreated elsewhere and thanks to Finch, his staff and volunteers – life is good.

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Beautifully written and with gorgeous pictures … including Jerry, Rebecca and Willie Nelson!