Gov. Herbert Says Utah Should Take Control of Wild Horse Herds

wild horses

The conservative cattlemen are now fleeing Bundy’s stand against the BLM after his true character revealed itself. However, the West’s ranchers are still pointing fingers at the few thousand wild horses that live out there. The real problem is the drought. Cattle do not live in drought effected areas very well. They need water to survive more so than other animals more native to the region. While horses may not have always lived in the American West, they existed there long ago and are able to adapt more readily than cattle. The reason the BLM is reducing the numbers of cattle on the permit lands has very little to do with the horses there. Ranchers need to get their facts straight and start trying to provide solutions to the problem of the environment instead of pointing fingers and destroying our last remaining wild horses. Even if they remove every horse out there, their cattle will still die of thirst. ~ HfH

From: Utah Policy
By: Bob Bernick

wild horsesWhile it may not be popular with some individuals and groups, Utah should take over the management of wild horses and burros on federal lands in the state, euthanize a number of animals to keep ranges open for cattle grazing, Gov. Gary Herbert told reporters after his monthly KUED-TV news conference.

Herbert, on air, said the Clive Bundy incidents in Nevada must not overflow into Utah. He took steps to keep Bundy cattle from being auctioned at a Richfield, Utah, cattle sale.

Asked about Bundy’s reported statements that African-Americans today may be better off under slavery than living their lives in poverty, Herbert responded: “That is despicable and offense” language.

And as more and more is learned about Bundy – his refusal to lawfully pay federal grazing fees and his personal politics – Americans will turn away from his actions and beliefs, said the governor.

However, said Herbert, he understands how some folks are frustrated with federal land managers. At times it is like they are not listening to rural Utahns needs and troubles.

“The range can’t support so many animals,” said Herbert.

Horses and burros “are breeding like rabbits,” said Herbert, their numbers doubling every three to five years.

Some federal land sections are supposed to have 300 such animals allowed, but now have 3,000.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Janet Schultz

    You really must read the Washington Post article with quotes by Bundy on his point of view on race relations. Real feral thinking.

    April 24, 2014
  • Suzanne Dunham

    Remove the cattle, NOT the horses! If you check, there are millions of cattle compared to hundreds of horses! Cattle stand in one place and decimate the land by eating everything within site. Horses are always on the move!

    April 24, 2014
  • Remove the cattle Ranchers , problem solved

    April 24, 2014
    • Terra Pennington

      Your reply is so right…

      April 26, 2014
  • Margaret

    Where did these mathematicians go to school? I mean I know I don’t stats and accounting. But basic math–400 horses. 1/2 of that are mares. So you have 200 animals that reproduce that first year. Brings you to 220, and keeping the numbers super simple, all are female capable of breeding from day of birth. I know better–it’s just an example.

    220X20% = 44.

    So now at the start of year 3 you have approximately 265 horses. For this is example there is no predation.

    Year 4 we now have 265X20%=320

    The simple logical math I used was multiplying a given number of horses times 20%. I did not make any room for colts nor for the fact that fillies don’t breed till their at least one year of age or more. Nor did I count for any deaths.

    So 200 studs plus 320 mares and offspring brings the grand total to 520. this doesn’t come anywhere near doubling the number of horses that BLM and ranchers keep yakking about.

    April 24, 2014
  • Margo Nielsen

    How can he talk about (falsely) multiplying wild horses taking resources from the cattle while assuring that energy extraction project permitting processes will be streamlined, in the same breath? If he thinks he has water problems now, wait until the wild horses and burros are gone and all those energy projects are using and contaminating MILLIONS of gallons of water.

    April 25, 2014