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With more and more people growing and raising their own food, its no surprise that there will be people going “green” with their horse feed. Check with your vet first before making any major changes to your horse’s diet. ~ HfH

From: Ukiah Daily Journal
By: Justine Frederiksen

goinggreenFor many reasons, Esther Siegel feels better when she can feed her horses fresh grass instead of dry hay.

“I wanted to save money, and I wanted to feed them healthy food,” Siegel said Friday while breaking off chunks of bright green grass she grew from barley and sunflower seeds in a small, climate-controlled room on her ranch in Redwood Valley.

Using about a dozen long, shallow trays that she pumps water into and bathes in artificial light, Siegel said she grows enough fodder for five small horses.

“My vet said my horses might be the only ones in Mendocino County getting green grass right now,” said Siegel, explaining that she bought the smallest hydroponic fodder system available from FarmTek about a month ago in the hopes of saving money, water and her husband’s back.

“He would have to drive to Potter Valley, load up the truck with 110-pound bales of hay, then drive back and unload them,” she said, explaining that the process not only used up gas and time, it was also a task she no longer felt comfortable having him do.

And even if you can find a younger man willing to do the job, Siegel said you still need to store the hay, which takes up a lot of space while waiting for meal time, which is yet another problem with hay.

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