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Funds better used on highway than horses 

Wild horses are NOT looking for government handouts.

Typically I do not post opinion pieces against the pro-wild horse crowd, as we do not want to give them the web traffic. However, it needs to be pointed out so there is no misunderstanding – wild horse advocates are NOT looking for free government hand outs. We read this kind of misinformation over and over again. Cool, rational pro-wild horse folks need to step up and clarify this gentleman’s obviously mistaken (trying to be polite here) point of view …right now I am too upset to reply. ~ HfH

From: RGJ.com
By: Charles Lawson cel@ableweb.net.

Wild horses are NOT looking for government handouts.

Wild horses are NOT looking for government handouts.

When I read an article about “wild horses,” it seems others finally are picking up on the fact the “wild horse people” are a bunch of wild-eyed, uncompromising radicals. They are worse than any group receiving handouts from the government. They are not willing to pay for their demands, fully expecting you and I as taxpayers to pay for their unrealistic dreams, and dreams they are.

Of course, there are exceptions such as the group in Smith Valley that is actually founded in reality, but it is the screamers that get the most attention. The Bureau of Land Management budget of $70 million dollars is not nearly enough to solve the “wild horse” problem, and more than half of that is spent on keeping horses in corrals.

I am not sure what “wild horse” advocates are thinking of as a goal, but bet your life it depends on you and I paying for it. That money would be better spent on finishing some infrastructure in Lyon County that would benefit at least a half a million people in the surrounding area, and that would be the USA Parkway. Another dream.

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