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New Mexico Wild Horses

“Horses are damaging the range …” is a statement brought up in the article below. Only if all land is viewed as being for cattle and other livestock and not horses. Their call for anti slaughter folks to “step up” to the “problem of wild horses” seems to be saying that we must get rid of them or reduce their populations even further – reducing their genetic viability. The author’s objectives are clear and not on the side of the wild horses. ~ HfH

From: The New Mexican

Wild horses in New Mexico

Wild horses in New Mexico

There’s good news for people opposed to the slaughtering of horses on U.S. soil, including at a plant that might have opened as soon as next month in Roswell.

The U.S. Congress effectively reinstated a federal ban on horse slaughter by stopping funding for inspections of plants. Without inspectors, the horse slaughter cannot begin.

What this means for New Mexico is that any lawsuits trying to delay the opening of the Valley Meat Co. in Roswell are somewhat beside the point — at least for now. A plant in Missouri also was about ready to begin operations. That can’t happen without inspectors.

In Santa Fe, a state district judge heard testimony about whether Valley Meat should be able to open earlier this week. Attorney General Gary King had argued that because of past violations, the company is not a good corporate citizen. It is too risky, in other words, to allow a business that has been found to have polluted in the past to be allowed the opportunity to pollute in the future. Judge Matthew Wilson’s decision — he had granted a temporary restraining order — was to be issued Friday. Additionally, Valley Meat was waiting to learn whether the state would grant it a discharge permit; that wasn’t supposed to be decided until early February.

Now, it appears that owner Rick de los Santos’ plans to begin slaughtering horses and shipping the meat overseas won’t depend on a New Mexico court ruling. Congressional action took care of the issue of whether horse slaughter will start once more in the United States; unless of course, Congress changes its mind down the road.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • for me it is not about whether or not the meat is pure enough to eat ,or whether or not the slaughter house can dispose of the waste It disgusts me that anyone would even consider eating a awesome magnificent Horse, it turns my stomach at the thought, these magnificent Ambassadors of Freedom have helped us throughout History , i think it is a unconscionable to do anything but respect them and care for them , the way they do us !!!! They are America the Beautiful !!!!

    January 17, 2014
  • Suzanne Dunham

    If anyone is ruining the range land, it’s the cattlemen who run tens of thousands of cattle on “our” land and pay a pittance to do it. Do the math!

    January 17, 2014