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With so much in the news today about the wild horses vs the cattle ranchers of the West, we have been receiving a flood of links to a very good article on Let’s Talk Nevada. We emailed a request to reprint. Author John Williams has kindly given us permission to reprint. There is a great deal of information here – with more promised in the future. Well worth reading and great pictures as well. ~ HfH

From: Let’s Talk Nevada
By: John Williams


blmclosedSunday evening (4/6) Bunkerville, NV Rancher Cliven Bundy who has been illegally trespassing over 900 head of cattle on restricted BLM- managed- public-property for over 20 years sent an email to the press and supporters announcing that the “Range War’ would begin Monday morning at 9:30 AM and asking supporters to bring horses and participate with him. This morning a LetsTalk writer witnessed numerous vehicles, stock trailers, and others parked at the Bundy compound with supporters being ushered into the Bundy property by Bundy family members. It is unclear how many vehicles or people were there, but at least 6-8 vehicles were observed. Let’sTalk encourages everyone involved to keep level heads and avoid confrontation. The place for dispute resolution is in the courts, not out on the range – and PLEASE, NO WEAPONS! Pointing a weapon at Federal Law Enforcement officers never turns out well!

The impounding of trespass cattle in the Gold Butte and Lake Mead area has begun. The National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management used the first week or so of the court approved operation to fly over and use other methods to update the “count” of trespass cattle that are in the approximate 960 square mile area and ascertain their location so that they can plan the operation effectively. They counted 908 head of cattle illegally in the public land.

Saturday, April 5th, the actual gathering of the cattle began. So far about three or four “protesters” showed up for a couple of hours on Saturday in the designated “first amendment” free speech areas. The photos show the one unattended sign posted in the protest area at the Riverside Road area and there was no sign that anyone had been at the other area at the bottom of the Riverside/ Bunkerville exit off of I-15..

In the last few weeks Bundy had indicated that an “army” of supporters would protest the operation but so far the biggest visible gathering of protesters has been in the area of Monroe, Utah where a small local businessman contracted with the BLM and the NPS to hold and auction the cattle that are gathered. Several local protesters from Iron County, Utah, led by one of Bundy’s sons who reportedly lives in that area, have harassed and threatened him, even though he is one of their neighbors and by all accounts a valued member of the local ranching/farming community.

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