For Father’s Day: Wild stallion saves young horse from drowning

Champ wild stallion

Once a year, since 1910, Fathers get credit for all the wonderful things they do. They are our heroes. In celebration of Father’s Day here is a repost of our most popular article where the stallion Champ saves his little filly from drowning. – HfH

Originally posted 9/0/2013
From DogHeirs
by Ellen G.

When a wild Stallion named Champ was crossing a river with his family, a filly got in trouble. The river’s current was too strong for the young horse, and she began to be swept away. That’s when Champ came to her rescue and the moment was caught on camera. Champ is part of Salt River Wild Horses in Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

(The BLM wants all these horses GONE. Are you doing your part by calling in and letting Sally Jewell know what YOU think? Look at the previous post for the information. – Jerry)

Original Article: DogHeirs

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Sue

    Yes, I HAVE e-mailed and phoned everyone as suggested regarding wild horses. Here is an excerpt from a snail mail letter from Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida. I previously sent an e-mail to him, requesting his support to preserve wild horses. Here is part of his response, verbatim:
    “…protection of domestic animals and wildlife is an important component of the preservation of our country’s natural resources. It is also important we strike AN APPROPRIATE BALANCE between the protection of our environment and natural resources, while….not placing BURDENSOME regulations on businesses that could undermine our nation’s economic recovery.” [emphasis mine]
    The Repugs. refuse to support any kind of job creation legislation, which is undermining our nation’s economic recovery. But saving horses, well, that would be burdensome to business!!
    No one gives a $hit, the “representatives” of government do not care.

    June 15, 2014