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Food Safety and Inspection Service Says It’s Okay to Eat Your Horse 


July 2, 2013

Unknown-1Our wonderful US Government, Department of Agriculture, Food Safety And Inspection Service has issued a ruling stating that eating horsemeat is perfectly safe, that all the drugs, chemicals and everything else injected into our horses doesn’t mean anything at all, that all the residues stored in the meat doesn’t make a bit of difference and thus we can kill and dine on all the horses we want because if, by chance, one of them is contaminated, the slaughterhouse will catch it in time.

Short version – don’t worry, be happy. Our government is here to protect us.

I can truly say that I have never been so disgusted and revolted in my life, and its been a long life. Honor in our government has disappeared. This response to the petition from Front Range Equine Rescue and HSUS by the FSIS is a slap in the face to every scientist that ever looked in a microscope. Study after study has shown irrefutable evidence of residual drugs in horses coming off racetracks. Horses being run through auctions are shot full of Banamine to hide a hundred different problems. Tested, documented, exposed – yet IGNORED by the FSIS.

Even the EU has higher standards that we do, yet they wake up to find horsemeat in their breakfast sausage. Yet our government thinks these slaughterhouses will pull horses that “might have” been exposed to drugs?

Read and weep, America. This is our government in its highest form, representing you and I, and the office that we set in place to ensure our safety when we sit down at the table.

Click here to read the Response by the FSIS.

For even more fun, CLICK here to read the excitement shown by the pro-slaughter folks. They are absolutely peeing all over themselves with joy.



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